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Broken pots, crockery or stones can be laid over the bottom to the help water drain from the pots. In the case of large or heavy pots a light material such as polystyrene can be used. This helps to keep the overall weight down and also means that less compost will be needed to fill the pot.

A 2016 nationwide survey found that 64 per cent of Chinese citizens wanted the Yulin festival shut down and 69.5 per cent have never eaten dog meat.Dr Peter Li, HSI’s China policy specialist, said that the Yulin festival was a “bloody spectacle [which] does not reflect the mood or eating habits of the majority of the Chinese people”.He said: “Now that the Chinese government has officially recognised dogs as companions and not livestock, we are hopeful that China will take stronger steps to hasten the end of the dog and cat meat trade for which millions of animals continue to suffer every year.”The announcement presents cities across China with the perfect opportunity to act upon the government’s words by protecting dogs and cats from the meat trade thieves and slaughterhouses.”China’s ministry of agriculture noted that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation’s livestock list does not include dogs and said that internationally, dogs are not treated as livestock.In April, the cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai, were the first in China to officially ban the consumption of cat and dog meat.The finalised livestock list did officially declare a number of wild animals as “livestock” including several deer species, alpaca, guinea fowl and the three most commonly farmed wild species for China’s fur trade racoon dog, silver fox and mink.The coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, China late last year. Covid 19 is thought to have originated in horseshoe bats and passed to humans via an intermediary species.In response to the outbreak, China issued a temporary ban on all trade and consumption of wild animals and is considering revising legislation to make the ban permanent. Currently, the ban lasts for five years..

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MH: Well, I think it wasn’t just directors. Roger was (and is) an extremely bright guy, he’s a Rhodes scholar, he was an engineering student at Stanford University, he’s just absolutely one of the brightest people I’ve known in my life. Like a lot of bright people not all, but a lot of bright people he wanted to surround himself with other bright people.

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