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“Hand washing is important not only for fomite transmission, but also for person to person transmission,” said Dr. Daniel Winetsky, a postdoctoral fellow in the division of infectious diseases at Columbia University. “The respiratory droplets we produce when speaking, coughing and sneezing fall mostly onto our hands, and can fall onto other people’s hands if they are within 6 feet from us.”.

My AC is on its last legs and we were trying not to use it/save it for when it gets really bad later this summer. We can really afford to replace it since we both been laid off permanently due to COVID. It was 90 yesterday and it got up to 82 inside.

At least once a weekend I go to Tea Sympathy. It serves the British food I grew up eating in Singapore: clotted cream with scones and jam; fabulous tea sandwiches; and a breakfast sausage and onion sandwich that’s to die for. I usually sit at the corner table by the window, right where Nick sat in “Rich People Problems.”.

R: Je viens de terminer mon deuxime recueil d’essais, It gets worse, qui va sortir pour mon 28e anniversaire, le 19 juillet. Le titre reflte la ralit. En vieillissant, la vie nous lance de plus en plus de problmes dans les pattes. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing interviews, and I’ve gotten a certain amount of professionalism, but as far as my natural instincts as a person, I’m the type who’s even a bit uncomfortable walking through a crowded room.”Indeed, after one final hurrah, a 1976 album recorded for Atlantic Records titled Photograph overseen by legendary label chief Ahmet Ertegun, no less and a pair of less than successful follow ups, Melanie’s career began its decline. “In the ’80s, it became more about putting your guitar down and singing Barry Manilow songs,” she recalls. “Every president of every record label wanted to superimpose my voice on the next schmaltzy ballad.

On December 20th 1980 at least five different people claimed that they had picked up a younger Elvis Presley in an army uniform and that they gave him a ride to the gates of Graceland. He even sang for a truck driver that picked him up. He is often spotted as a younger Elvis complete with army uniform a few miles from Graceland trying to get home..

This version of Segway was like a shrunk down version of the original personal mobility device introduced by inventor Dean Kamen over a decade ago. All it lacked was the handle. What was more interesting than Krzanich’s ride in was when the rider returned onstage and revealed that it was also a small personal robot equipped with a simple face mostly just a pair a glowing LED eyes (not as creepy as it sounds) that could follow commands and navigate a home environment without the need of a rider..