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Turtle tattoos can come in several different sizes and colors. Turtles are a great design to work with, perfect for the tattoo artist and the wearer. It all depends on what your looking for. Confident they were seeing, as advertisements promised, “genuine illustrations of life on the plains,” Chicagoans thrilled to spine tingling reenactments of buffalo hunts, Pony Express rides, stagecoach attacks and, in later years, Custer’s Last Stand. Staples of the show were rodeo acts and “marvelous shooting” exhibitions, at which Cody excelled. But at the May 1885 Chicago appearance of the “Wild West,” a diminutive young woman named Annie Oakley outshone even Cody with her marksmanship.

No, it doesn’t. While it’s true that small businesses don’t employ that many people, they also don’t provide much in the way of paid sick leave. That’s a smaller number than advocates tout, but it accounts for the fact that some people with “flex time” and other leave policies might not actually get additional time off.

We’re in Clark Fork (when we’re there), about 200 ft above the river, and about 1/2 mile from the tracks. The tracks run along the south bank of the river east of town, and we can definitely hear those lonesome whistles blow! Not so much that it bothers us, but I wouldn’t want to live on the ridge right above the tracks. Some whistles are more obnoxious than others.

Blowfish is the most commonly used algorithm around the world, developed by Bruce Schneier, the president of Counterpane Systems, a firm that deals with cryptography and security. Blowfish is known to be the secret key cipher that uses a variable number of bits ranging from 16 448 bits and encrypts the data 16 times to make it impossible for a hacker to decrypt it. Until now, no attack has been discovered to break the blowfish encryption.

The Red Bellied Woodpecker is commonly found in forests east of the Mississippi River. They can be found in all types of forests including open woodland, parks and neighborhoods. This is one of the woodpeckers you can find at a backyard feeding station.

Harris, the Bucks coach, wound up getting a technical foul last week arguing a technical that was called on Barkley. It seems Harris was mad when referee Dick Bavetta signalled a “T” on No. 34 without designating the team. The first step in any real estate adventure is to commit. So many people want to get into house flipping or landlording and get really excited, but they don’t actually commit to going the distance. House flipping is not a hobby it’s a business that can affect your financial future (either positively or negatively) so don’t go into this thing “willy nilly.” (Yes, I just said “willy nilly.” ).