Oakley Latch Square Specs

PNG files are a near lossless image format, allowing you to save a high quality image that you can insert in later. Not to mention, as long as you are mindful to save on a transparent background, a PNG file also allows you to add transparency, which is great for photo tags, borders, and corners. These handy little pieces of art range from simple boarders and tags, great for highlighting photos, to shapes of animals, bits of nature, and more.

Marchionne, 59, is CEO of both Chrysler and Fiat and plans to merge the two companies and boost sales to more than 100 billion euros ($132 billion) by 2014. Fiat boosted its ownership stake of Chrysler to 58.5 percent in January. He reiterated last week that the company is unlikely to do an initial public offering this year..

Here is what I was able to decipher within that image:I received yours of the 4th some time ago and was very glad to hear that you were doing so well and that Father and Mother ??? health. I was very sorry to hear of [Father?] being sick wish to presume he is about well by this time. I went to Gettysburg on the 19th with Mr.

The Moses family worked hard to surive by using all their resources like packing and canning food andusing leather hide to make shoes. Tragedy entered Annie life early with the death of her father, Jacob, in March of 1865. In the previous weather, Jacob was caught in a blizzard and lost the use of his hands and speech.

Recently I was talking to a friend at the junior college where I teach in the Fall. In discussing the tightness of the schedule, she noted “Yes, Tuesdays and Thursdays are sandwich days for me.” I lamented to myself, because I thought, what the heck am I going to have, since I’m not eating meat right now?! I just couldn’t think of many meatless sandwich options. I was thinking two days a week, for a whole semester, that’s a lot of fried egg sandwiches.

The Canadian Armed Forces have deployed air assets to the area to support the Province of Alberta’s emergency response efforts. Raging wildfires pressed in on the Canadian oil city of Fort McMurray Thursday after more than 80,000 people were forced to flee, abandoning fire gutted neighborhoods in a chaotic evacuation. No casualties have been reported from the monster blaze, which swept across Alberta’s oil sands region driven by strong winds and hot, dry weather.

“It’s fantastic that we’ve opened up telehealth and enabled providers to deliver care from their homes and patients to access that care from their home,” Pande said. “We have to be sure in the mental health community that the care that’s being delivered is high quality and evidence based. And that’s the thing that worries me a little bit.”.