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Her new book, Bad Feminist, is a lightly scrambled collection of her Internet writings on things ranging from competitive Scrabble to the complications of modern feminism. “I am failing as a woman,” she writes in one essay. “I am failing as a feminist.

But if you are a white suburban professional of a certain age who is ready to get on with the hard business of finding or replacing a lifemate, sooner or later you make an appearance at the Yacht Club. Nightclub owner Curtis, a diminutive 47 year old who has been pimping for his generation for the past 25 years. Since the late ’60s, Curtis the ultimate opportunist of love has slavishly tracked his demographic cohorts’ ever changing social norms and sexual mores.

Hedy landed a movie contract in Hollywood in the 1930s after she met Metro Goldwyn Mayer studio head Louis B. Mayer, and her screen success came after she had fled her first husband Fritz Mandl, a wealthy Austrian ammunition manufacturer previously. The ‘Boom Town’ star was once dubbed the most beautiful woman in film but away from the cameras she was a talented inventor and she helped develop a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes during World War II and her inventions eventually went on to become modern day WiFi and GPS..

Now, Bindi isn’t ‘teaming up’ with SeaWorld to catch more orcas for their shows (this doesn’t occur anymore anyway), she is likely just adding her face and support to their conservation efforts. Yet, unfair and downright vicious remarks are being directed toward her due to Blackfish hysteria. It makes a person wonder how other aquariums that keep smaller dolphins (as oracs are dolphins) do not enrage people anywhere near as much; this is likely due to the fact that a new documentary (as there are existing older ones) hasn’t told this young crowd how to think yet, yet I’m sure one is on its way to change that..

OnePlus 8 Pro users in global markets have received a new OxygenOS update that has “inadvertently” disabled the Color Filter camera that was recently found to have “see through” capabilities for some materials. The new software version, which appears as OxygenOS 10.5.9, comes days after the company disabled the Color Filter camera through an update specifically meant for the OnePlus 8 Pro users in China. In other news, British carmaker McLaren has confirmed that it’s longer in partnership with OnePlus.

Even though they are all raised the same, some will be very outgoing, others more laid back. Some will be go getters, some the class clown. Some will be the cuddle bugs that can’t get enough lap time, others will want to sit close by and watch you. So we have things in common then Elizabeth. I am sorry to hear about the fire and that you have to move out leaving your garden behind and your vegetables. I just like growing any vegetables that I like really.