Oakley Goggles Sport Chek

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Each player will be tested before he leaves his country, and again before he is allowed to compete in the tournament, as well as persistent checks for symptoms. Pelley said that hiring additional staff and testing expenses will cost the circuit more than 2 million euros across its three tours. Pelley said it is necessary to take a wait and see approach before discussing when fans might return..

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Oakley has also developed what it believes is a new breakthrough in airflow technology that it calls “The Advancer.” Located in the bridge of the nose on the sunglasses, The Advancer gives riders the ability to improve ventilation at the touch of a toggle switch. When the switch is moved into place it not only opens a small vent in the nose of the glasses, it also causes the nose piece to slide slightly away from the frame. This has the added effect of moving the sunglasses ever so slightly away from the face, creating more airflow in the process.