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It also shouldn be as windy as it been for the last few days.Mostly dry but chilly in Canberra this week with highs of 15C but the mercury dipping down to 2C to 3C most nights.Jumping over to Western Australia andPerth has been battered but the extreme weather there is set to calm down with the low pressure system exiting into The Bight.Temperatures will bounce around the high teens for the next few days in the WA capital with lows of 10 12C. The rain will ramp up again from Thursday when up to 15mm could fall but then Friday could be a real washout. Perth is looking at storms and around 30mm of rain as a new cold front makes its presence felt.That ferocious system that tore up Perth over the last few days will likely peter out as it heads east.

Uh, after the inauguration,” Kislyak is quoted in the call summaries as saying. “You remember our conversation and we certainly would appreciate any indication as to when it is going to be possible.”Flynn responded: “I know you have to have some sort of action, to only make it reciprocal; don’t go any further than you have to because I don’t want us to get into something that have to escalate to tit for tat. Do you follow me?”On Dec.

Electronics giants Sony and Phillips joined forces to design a digital audio disc as a spin off from those cumbersome and expensive Laserdiscs. The CD was commercially available in 1982. As costs of development for CD’s and CD players became lower it became the primary format for music.

Utterback wasn’t a man to let small obstacles stand in his way. On Oct. 26, 1914, a remarkable headline appeared at the top of page one in the Bangor Daily News: “SALOONS MUST CLOSE MAYOR.” The subhead said, “Utterback Issues Sweeping Order to the Police, Rigid Enforcement, Beginning Nov.

“Anyone else can step up in Kia absence.” A Melbourne win would force the series to a deciding game at the AIS Arena on Wednesday. WNBL SEMI FINALS Semi final series two (all times in AEDT) Game one: Canberra Capitals 84 bt Melbourne Boomers 70 at AIS Arena. Sunday, February 23: Game two Melbourne Boomers v Canberra Capitals at State Basketball Centre, 6pm.

The next day: different highways but the same light traffic to Binghamton, NY. You could tell you’d crossed state lines by the differing overhead flashing orange LED signs. “Stay at home,” “Stop the spread,” “Flatten the curve.”. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019An Ethiopian soldier shot a man dead in front of several people after his phone rang during a public meeting, Amnesty International says.Why was the man shot dead?Ariti Shununde, 32, was killed during operations to suppress an armed group, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), according to witnesses quoted by Amnesty International.The army called for a public meeting in one local area in Oromia and collected all the phones of those who had turned up.One of the phones then rang and when soldiers asked for the owner to identify himself Mr Ariti stepped forward, an eyewitness is reported to have said.He was then shot in the back twice, the witness added. The rights group says that it has corroboration from other witnesses.His family was told to bury Mr Ariti immediately.What else does Amnesty say?It says it has found evidence of the extrajudicial killings of 39 people in Oromia, including Mr Ariti.Through witness testimony, it details how three other victims were taken out of police cells and shot dead.In late December 2018 soldiers killed 13 people in the town of Finchawa in what Amnesty International describes as indiscriminate shooting.The security forces are also accused of rounding up thousands of people they believed were supporters of the OLA.The OLA is a breakaway faction of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a former separatist rebel group which laid down arms following peace talks with Mr Abiy.MapHe introduced a number of reforms, including recognising the OLF, that helped the country move away from its more oppressive past.But many in the state continued to feel excluded and disquiet did not go away. Protests sprang up and opposition groups began to gain support.In general, Mr Abiy has said he wants to foster a sense of national unity in the face of ethnic divisions, but also wants to celebrate that diversity.His efforts to walk this tight rope have created difficulties.What are the other accusations?The report also highlights the alleged role of security forces in inter communal violence in January 2019 in Amhara state, north west Ethiopia.It says that at least 130 people were killed in fighting between the Amhara and Qimant communities after local militias were deployed against the Qimant..