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These positivity rates would be alarming if not for the fact that they pretty much reflect the trend across most countries, including the US, which has seen the most number of cases and deaths. Positivity rates keep increasing with the number of tests, plateau at a certain level as the tests increase further, and finally start falling as the number of tests increases even more. Given the trend of the disease in other countries, in India, the states of Delhi, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu will likely be the first to see the positivity rates declining but they aren there yet.

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The major financial challenges have been outlined to the campus community through regular President’s Update reports over the past three years. Compensation costs, which account for the majority of the university’s operating budget, at approximately $160 million (or 80 percent), remain a challenge and one of the underlying reasons for the realignment efforts the university has undergone in the past three years to successfully balance the operating budget. The costs of supporting our pension plans have become an additional reality.

Early 2009 I sent it in. When it came back the first month was a big learning curve. The key to an IR shot is the post processing. What should have had the intoxicating alienness of art was now hyper real. Not just lives, the pandemic also ironizes our relationship with art. With lives confined, suddenly the books left for the days after retirement seem manageable.