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It’s a great atmosphere and you get the football thrown in for free” (Neil Speight, Secretary, East Thurrock United FC)Other motivations were largely altruistic: wanting to make a difference for example, and something back whilst one volunteer described his “civic pride” when the club he volunteered for enjoyed a good run in the FA Cup. A couple of interviewees had been officially recognised for contributions within their local community: Mamun Chowdhury (Sporting Bengal United FC) and Lincoln Moses (Continental Star FC) both having received MBEs for their work with Asian and Black communities in East London and the West Midlands respectively. Continental Star for example, is a Social Enterprise and Registered Charity, using football as a vehicle to help those often marginalised and considered by others as hard to reach.

The text itself is a little difficult to read, and you can resize the text image the same way you would resize an Internet page when using Safari mobile on your phone. You scroll down with you touch screen as if the plays were painted out on one large piece of paper. Once you get the hang of this process it should not slow you down too much.

I recently came across a baby possum while walking my dogs. He was standing there in the road watching us walk toward him. He was looking intently at us as if to say, “Please get me off of this asphalt street!” A neighbor boy was in his yard so we got him to help by bringing a cardboard box.

During the month that followed, as the marriage continued to unravel and her grief intensified, Lauren began chronicling her divorce via status updates. Would cry, but then he wins, she wrote. Isn enough Kleenex in the world. President Donald Trump spooked investors with a move to restrict travel from Europe, and after the European Central Bank disappointed markets by holding back on rate cuts.Trade was halted on the S 500 after it hit downdraft circuit breakers. It fell further when trade resumed, eventually losing 9.5% to close 27% below February’s peak. Treasuries rose amid the panic, and in the currency markets, investors stampeded into the dollar.”Everyone is just de risking,” said Stuart Oakley, Nomura’s global head of flow FX in Singapore.

The market was expecting a weak set of growth data for the March quarter and it may even have factored in a further plunge in Q1FY21 data.”Other than the short term volatility, the market may not be impacted much by Q4FY20 GDP data and look for the possibility of re opening the economy.The GDP growth for FY20 came in at 4.2 percent, against 6.1 percent in FY 2018 19.The GDP numbers may touch unprecedented lows during the April June quarter as restrictions and lockdowns continue to constrain people’s movement, severely hurting economic activity.The nationwide lockdown kicked in on March 25, and its actual impact on the economy will show up in the subsequent months when businesses screeched to a standstill.The Centre, on May 30 extended the coronavirus triggered lockdown until June 30 in containment or high risk zones. However, there were significant easing of restrictions in other parts, as restaurants, malls and religious institutions were permitted to reopen from June 8.Also readUnlock 1.0: All important questions answeredThe easing of restrictions is expected to boost sentiment as it will create opportunities for jobs and incomes.”Phased reopening of the economy, in line with global trends, will go a long way in boosting business confidence apart from opening opportunities for jobs and incomes,” said VK Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services.”It is important to understand that the unprecedented high global unemployment is the product of the great lockdown and not due to any economic crisis. Therefore, we can expect jobs and incomes to bounce back sharply.

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