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For several decades, from his farm in rural Kentucky, Wendell Berry has written essays, fiction, and poetry extolling the value of local places in nurturing community, sustaining the earth, and deepening human spirituality. He’s been a consistent critic of modern industrial and consumer culture, which he sees as almost invariably hostile to local communities and the natural world. There’s nothing casual or chatty in a Wendell Berry essay.

DAIMLERCHRYSLER AG Elizabeth Wade, 42, is the new senior vice president of investor relations at the company’s Stuttgart, Germany, headquarters. She replaces Ralf Brammer, who left in June. Wade comes from Makinson Cowell, an investor relations consulting firm in London.

After reports came out in Ontario of the shocking conditions long term care residents were enduring, there is a push for an inquiry into the HRM long term care facility, Northwood Manor, which has seen the majority of COVID 19 related deaths in the province. Gary MacLeod with the ACE team gives us his thoughts on the recent reports and the situation in Nova Scotia. Premier Stephen McNeil had the second lowest approval rating earlier this year but due to the COVID 19 pandemic his ratings have risen, putting him at a 77 per cent approval rate.

Instead of the solution being a sled that takes you back to childhood and sweetness and light and snow, you go to, ‘What is the essence of Jeffrey Epstein’s character?’ And a lot of these rich men who want to live forever and seem to have the money to think they can, this is exactly what they want to say of themselves. For us it felt like a way to have a last word that made you rethink the episode you saw before but with a dirty joke that played off of who Epstein was.”Ending the episode, and now the season, on such an image and statement provides some resolution for the audience, but not the characters. While the Epstein story was designed to be self contained, what happens with the cliffhangers of what will happen with Julius, Memo 618 and STR Laurie remains to be decided.

Use scale two by fours to form the framework of your farm stand. The walls can be clad using wooden coffee stirrers procured via your daily caffeine habit or by the box from an office supply company or Ebay. You can enhance the grain of your scale lumber by dragging the edge of a razor saw, steel wool or a wire brush along the length of the lumber.

We then compared this to the situation if all cars were to become electric, and emissions per mile reduced. We considered all the fully electric cars currently used in the UK (including the Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, Jaguar iPace, and more) and assumed the same market segment for each model. However it would also cause an increase in carbon emissions from electricity power stations equivalent to about 2% of total national emissions (assuming current mix of fossil and renewable energy sources)..

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