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I took the day off yesterday and took the 2 hour drive from Austin to go see the best waterfall in Texas! Falls in Colorado Bend State Park. I went with my friend Scott Goad. It was his first visit. Keeping masc stuff around the house means people will eventually see it. Again, they’d probably be supportive, but I just want to keep this private. Is there a way to do it?.

(5) Include screenshots, not phone pictures: When submitting a question or an issue, it is helpful to include a screenshot to illustrate the problem. When including screenshots, do not upload a picture taken on your phone. These are often blurry, out of focus, or poor quality.

April 1990 Seiko 5 7009 3061 36mm case, 11mm thick This watch was sent to me on accident by a seller on ebay. It was too much hassle to try and send back so I kept it and enjoyed wearing it for a few weeks before putting it in the watch box where it has been ever since. Automatic movement starts up immediately and has decent power reserve (lasted through the night fwiw).

Be effective interdisciplinary engineers and problem solvers.2. Be well educated in the basic engineering sciences and fundamentals of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.3. Be able to use engineering tools that will enhance their productivity.4.

What they forget is that they are the reason why millions of animals are killed every day for their taste buds. The methane gas that is produced in the slaughterhouses is responsible for global warming. The most popular beef results in five times more climate warming emissions than chicken or pork.

Right outside the front of the hotel was this courtyard had this odd cube fountain. It was built in the 70 and called Cubo A decorative and funky piece! A great subject for HDR. I really like Porto I enjoyed wine would make visit very drinkable! LOL.

The Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians, fan shaped exterior shell color ranges from bluish gray, purplish, to yellow, white, brown or reddish brown. The lower valve is commonly white and flatter. The interior of their valves are whitish, but often purplish near the hinge.

If you’re lucking enough to have a yard, even if it’s small, you have to choose between Vertical Gardening and Square Foot Gardening. Both show you how to maximize your yields and minimize the amount of time you spend weeding. Because of its emphasis on taking advantage of vertical space, I think Vertical Gardening is slightly better if you have a yard, but are really cramped for space.

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