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Marche Hongroise Indit, Jules Massenet This one is pretty hard to track down. The title translates to “Hungarian March Unpublished” and it is most likely part of Massenet’s obscure Scnes Hongroise. However, it is also possible that Leroux at some point attended a concert which included a previously unperformed (and still unknown) march by Massenet..

Shish KebapShish kebap is probably the most common way of grilling or roasting meat in Turkey, as this is done in restaurants and homes. Typically when families grill, it’s shish. That’s right, no big slabs of steak, later to be carved up with knife and fork.

The Alexander Gardner photographic team prepared the glass plate for each of the Lincoln McClellan photographs shortly before they were created. It would have taken them about 5 minutes of time to do so, followed by another 5 minutes to complete the development of each specific negative shortly thereafter [I believe the Gardner team simultaneously prepared the two negative plates used for the creation of these photos]. In other words, sitting for a photograph was a lengthy process by today standards, especially for an ultra busy and fidgety President who was in the midst of prosecuting a war which hadn been going too well up to that point.

Shane Phelps doesn’t lack confidence. But appreciating his confidence requires a bit of selective memory. Forget that he’s already run and lost a race for Travis County district attorney. Sutherland (1940) argued the his theory ofdifferential associationhelps to explain why business executives committed crimes which benefited themselves and their organisations, He stated that the culture of the organisations means that the executives are able to justify their criminal activity in order to achieve the organisations goals.Aubert (1952) backed up Sutherland claim in his study of rationing procedures during World War II. He found that officials and members of the food organisations had a widely accepted ideological rationalization for the offences they committed.Braithwaite (1984)studied pharmaceutical industries and found the bribing health inspectors was regarded as a normal part of the business practices.ForMars (1982)labelling theory is the most appropriate for understanding occupational crime. He argues that employees build up an idea of what is fair in terms of what they receive and if they do not receive this they are more likely to turn to occupational crime to make up the difference.Nelkan (2002)studied the workings of the English Family Practitioner Panels who deal with GP who defraud the NHS by over claiming.

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