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Is the second leading cause of death for college students and the number one contributor to suicide is untreated depression, says Danielle Oakley, director of UHS Counseling and Consultation Services. This grant, we hope to address the root of this issue by providing prevention and awareness based programming for faculty, staff, students, parents and community partners. Provided by the grant will provide resources for UHS to convene a Suicide Prevention Council comprised of campus and community partners to increase mental health awareness, and identify and implement evidence based programs to prevent suicide among UW Madison students.

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There’s just no Internet equivalent to the old practice of “dialing a bunch of random phone numbers.” Plus, there’s a weird age mismatch, since Internet users tend to be younger, while voters tend to be older. If everybody else shows a candidate up 20 points, and your new poll has him down 5, it’s tempting to dismiss your result as a glitch and adjust your sample or assumptions to correct it. But what if your chief rival’s latest poll also shows the same candidate down, and they, too, make adjustments to match the general consensus? Pretty soon, everyone is fudging results to conform with other results which have also been fudged.

While a blessing to hikers, drivers and fishermen, the dry weather was a problem for the working men on the river. Too little snow in the winter had slowed the hauling of logs to the rivers and streams. Now the lumbermen were complaining there was too little rain to help swell those same rivers and streams so the logs would ride smoothly down to the mills..

BERGER: Typically, these documents are intended to assign meaning to an act of violence that might otherwise be perceived as meaningless. So it says, this is not senseless violence. This is not I’m not a lunatic. Everyone knows someone who swears one is better than the other for those doingcourier work, so here I tried to give an objective view of the differences between buying and leasing. I hope it will make deciding which will work best for your business a little bit easier. A van means that you pay a lump sum of money for the purchase of a van which then belongs to you for as long as you want to keep it..

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