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The final Prize amount displayed at the Venue, on the website, and/or the Winner’s affidavit may be adjusted based on THE SHARKS FOUNDATION ‘s final determination of funds actually collected from the sale of raffle tickets, any technical errors involved in the raffle, or other factors impacting the Prize amount. As a result, the Winner’s Prize check may be less than the amount announced during the game. Only one Prize check will be given per drawing and a Prize cannot be split into multiple checks.

“It a lot more nuanced than I had initially thought”Most things are a LOT more nuanced than most people give credence to, and there zero dishonor in acknowledging that. With almost every issue I delved into (especially political ones), there are arguments for and against any given issue that I can hand wave away. Union power is real enough that there are places like Sweden which have no minimum wage, and yet still have high effective wages.

Situationism in Social PsychologySituationism is a theory that views personality as a function of an individual’s reaction to different situations (Merriam Webster, 2013). Both personality and social context can influence behavior, but situationism theory states that social context has more influence on behavior than an individual’s personality. According to Fiske, 2010, there are four reasons social psychologists put the emphasis on context over personality.

Wicca is an experiential religion. Most religions we’re used to today are revealed religions, such as Christianity and Judaism religions in which people believe a God ‘revealed’ what he wanted us to know through scripture. Wicca has no scripture, and we do not believe any Gods revealed anything.

Thegunindustry at large gets, obscene profits from all those stolen guns, since many people who have a gun stolen are back in the nearest shop within hours, buying a replacement. So the gun lobby has every incentive to encourage people to carry guns or otherwise store them in places where they can easily be stolen. That ends up boosting profits for manufacturers, whom the gun lobby represents first and foremost..

The site publishes early versions of studies ahead of formal peer review and publication.When the coronavirus pandemic began, Sen thought about ways his research could help, he said in a YouTube video released through Indiana University.”We tried to put some time into understanding the physical make of this virus, and are there perhaps some weak points we could target,” Sen said.Coronaviruses in general rely on electrostatic interactions to assemble themselves into an infective form and attach to a host.The electroceutical fabric consists of polyester with a series of metal dots alternating silver and zinc printed on the surface in a geometric pattern. These metals, when exposed to moisture, create microcell batteries that generate an electrical charge. There is no wire or external battery.”We thought then our dressing (could be) capable of disrupting those electrostatic forces, and we started testing it and the results have seemed very promising,” Sen said in the video.The Indianapolis Star reported May 26 that the company is hoping to use the fabric to develop two products: a washable mask with a disposable electroceutical fabric layer that can be inserted, and another mask designed for onetime use.

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