Oakley Square Wire Socks

The new play nominees, including works by Cornish, Cat Walsh, Ellen Chorley and Matthew Mackenzie, are an all indie roster except for Catalyst’s Vigilante. Similarly, The Plain Janes join the Citadel and the Mayfield Dinner Theatre in the best musical category, for the vintage Drat! The Cat! Two indie directors, McAlear and Jim Guedo (for Sarah Ruhl’s crucifixion triptych Passion Play) join Schmidt, Jenkins, and Moss in the best director category.After the Citadel, Catalyst, and Theatre Network, Northern Light, The Plain Janes and The Maggie Tree have seven nominations apiece. Of the Varscona Alliance, Shadow Theatre went home from the Next Act empty handed.

Ian Callum, a native of Dumfries, Scotland, attended a course in industrial design at the Glasgow School of Art, followed by a two year course in automobile design at the Royal College of Art in London. Callum spent the first 12 years of his career at Ford Design Studios, where he contributed to the creation of the Escort RS Cosworth and Ghia Via Concept. Later, as chief designer of TWR Design, he was responsible for the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish..

A tall, handsome woman “who feared God greatly and the living or dead not at all,” she married a widower with six children and settled in a trapper’s cabin on Long Point, Lake Erie. On Nov. 23, 1854, with her husband away, she single handedly rescued the crew of the schooner Conductor of Buffalo, which had run aground in a storm.

Slavery still exists, but it is almost universally deplored and illegal rather than institutionalized and commonplace. We’ve slowly puzzled out how to treat each other as people and we’ve done a bang up job of it so far. We have a ways to go, but we’re clearly well on our way..

Before that, all they did was read about their father. International standing rose dramatically in the eight years she spent in Brandfort, and she received many foreign visitors at her home in this backwater. Far from languishing in obscurity, she threw herself into community work, setting up a nursery school, a soup kitchen for schoolchildren, a mobile clinic, and several self help projects that ranged from growing vegetables to sewing school uniforms..

Clyde: Well, DeBusschere did it best, he fell down (laugh). DeBusschere crumpled to the floor, man. When we go back to the huddle (Red) Holzman is always cool and calm: “All right guys, come on, we gotta play five more minutes, we’ll pull it out.” And I’m saying to myself, “Wait man, if God wanted us to win that game, He wouldn’t have let that shot go in.”.

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