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In the past, Sauerbrey has made no secret of her opposition to reproductive freedom. She began a November 2003 address to the right wing group United Families International by saying, “I always feel when I’m being introduced as a representative of the United Nations that I have to say I’m a conservative; I’m not a feminist.” She continued, “Sean Hannity, this morning, talked about visions and the differences in visions. Is one that is based on rights, but rights without responsibility.

Ironically, Henry, married to Catherine of Aragon at the time, broke with the Church of Rome barely ten years later so that he could get out of his marriage and marry his mistress Anne Boleyn. He kept the title though, as have his successors. It still appears on British coinage as Fid Def or FD..

Jackie’s sense of style is reflected in both the very popular replica jewelry which remains popular even decades after her death and in barbie dolls. From the evening wear to pink pill hat to the famous three strand pearls. The dolls from Franklin Mint are a lasting tribute to a lasting fashion icon..

Teammates wanted to get me back into a rhythm because they told me from day one that they need me, Antetokounmpo said. Just got to do whatever it takes to win. I told them I going to play as hard as I can and sometimes there going to be ups and downs.

“And then, in turn, couldn’t President Trump’s attorneys immediately depose Joe Scarborough and allow him to go under oath to explain how this 28 year old woman was found dead by his desk with multiple skull fractures?””Would the president welcome a defamation suit by Joe Scarborough?” Rion concluded.McEnany, for her part, told Rion that she would just refer her back to the press secretary’s previous remarks about Scarborough supposedly joking about the aide’s death with Don Imus in 2003, which McEnany added was “very disturbing.” (The audio in question which was recently unearthed by pro Trump media outlets appears to show Scarborough merely brushing off Imus’ crude joke and moving on.)”Do you think Scarborough has grounds to do so?” Rion reacted, prompting McEnany to say she had no comment and would “just point back to the Don Imus audio.”Amid the president’s recent obsession with labeling a Trump critical cable news host a murderer, Klausutis’ widower has begged the president to stop dragging his wife’s name through the mud while unsuccessfully calling for Twitter to delete Trump’s tweets. Trump and the White House, meanwhile, have repeatedly pointed to the Imus video in an effort to justify the president’s actions, and Trump himself has even suggested the family wants him to get to the bottom of Klausutis’ death despite their pleas.As for Rion’s theory about Scarborough suing the president for defamation: As national security attorney Bradley Moss recently wrote, Scarborough is pretty much unable to take any legal action against the president as Trump is currently immune due to federal regulations.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you.

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