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Fresh food, hot when it arrived and on time to our door. 2 burgers, a pie, a lasagna and a spaghetti bolognese went down a treat. Definitely be ordering from you again and will be back when you open!! Thanks again. Follow CNNEuropean Commission elects first female presidentGermany’s Ursula von der Leyen has been elected as the European Commission’s first female president. CNN’s Erin McLaughlin reports.Police: Lesbian couple attacked on London busSalvini says he wants pre Maastricht EU rules, ahead of far right rallyItaly’s Salvini pushes for pre Maastricht EU rulesTheresa May’s plan for another Brexit delay has gone down badly in EuropeThis video is no longer availableThree years old, the Iran nuclear deal is fraying quicklyHow the EU negotiated its first ever divorceMeghan Markle spreads Christmas cheerNo deal Brexit looks likelier than ever after May’s summit humiliationEU tells May Brexit deal not up for renegotiation as wounded UK leader seeks lifelineTheresa May takes Brexit message to ScotlandEU leaders approve Brexit dealBrexit deal condemned as ’26 pages of waffle’UK and EU agree on post Brexit relationshipBrexit deadlock after May offers ‘nothing new’ at crucial EU summitMay to address EU leaders as Tusk warns no deal Brexit ‘more likely than ever’Brexit talks hit a wall as deal falters over Northern IrelandHungary punished for moves against democracyA Hungarian Italian bromance could become Europe’s Trojan horseUncertainty in Wales as Brexit loomsReport: Sexual abuse ‘endemic’ in aid sectorLarge protests against President Trump in LondonWorld Cup: Paris parties as Brussels feels the bluesErin McLaughlin is an international correspondent, based in CNN’s London bureau.McLaughlin has played a key role in reporting on terror attacks across Europe, including the Paris attacks in January and November of 2015, the Brussels bombings in March 2016 and the Berlin attack at the end of 2016. She also reported exclusively on how ISIS recruits children and then sends them to their death as suicide bombers..

“I retain all the memories of my past lives as I am reborn for eternity,” Yuca explains. But over the millennia of death and rebirth, Yuca has grown weary of eternal life, and there is only one way out: to kill everybody so that no more humans can ever be born.”My wish is to die with this world. I am tired.

If you are someone who needs that paper connection, but like the planning tools in Marvin I don’t see a reason not to do what you suggest. I would say though, that the time saved with Marvin planning vs doing it all on paper should outweigh the time spent writing out tasks/checking them off twice. Depending on the number of tasks and complexity of your Marvin set up, it may be beneficial to keep it all on paper..

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