Oakley Radar Prizm Golf Lenses

On Nov. 30, 1971, “Brian’s Song,” starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams, premiered on ABC. It was the most watched made for TV movie in history, it remains one of the greatest sports movies ever made, and it is impossible to watch, even now, without feeling much the same way those 600 men in tuxedos felt when it was born at the Americana Hotel on May 25, 1970, a man asking you to love his friend as he did..

Nothing to lose. Not sure if it is what I will end up doing as the world will let me know one way or the other but excited to try new creative things. Recently discovered creative passions that I had been ignoring for some time so just trying different things to see what resonates.

From my hometown of Lakeway, TX is our local waterfalls! I had no idea these were here until my wife took a trail walk with my daughter this past year and told me about them. I took a lunch hour to check them out and photograph the lovely scenery. The top section is a walking path over the river and the bottom is natural.

Most have heard that jellyfish don’t have a brain and have tossed this aside as urban legend but it is true, jellyfish do not have a brain, or a nervous system for that matter. This is because jellyfish aren’t actually one creature, rather they are a number of small organisms that are working together in a colony to make up what appears to be one creature. They are made up of 95% water and are anatomically strange.

8×8 offers a lot for the price, even at its simplest. The cheapest enterprise package currently works out at $25 per month per user for up to 99 users, and even then it still packs in the essential features. You get unlimited calling within 14 countries, voicemail, call handling features, along with GSuite and Office 365 integration.

Michael Anthony Gray Sr., aged 63, and Shirley Ann Gray, aged 60, were charged on Monday with multiple crimes including child abuse, child neglect, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. The increase is a huge setback for the nation, which was applauded for containing the virus after suffering what was once the second largest outbreak of Covid 19 in the world in March. Two Russian Su 35 aircraft on Tuesday simultaneously flew close to each wing of a Navy P 8A Poseidon patrol aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea, according to Navy news release describing the incident.

Bomer came out back in 2012 while accepting an award at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards. “I’d really especially like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker, Henry,” Bomer said during the gala, addressing his husband and their three children. “Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is.

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