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In the event that doesn’t happen, there are other potential windows in the February March period, October November the following year. And there’s implications here for ICC events over a number of years. So a lot of complexity for the ICC to deal with.

There are a hundred and twenty climbing routes on the tower, some more difficult than others. Experienced climbers can reach the summit in about 4 hours, then rappel back down. The visitor center says that only a third of those who try it reach the top..

I had a free evening to enjoy Munich and planned to visit the Olympic Park. The objective was the soccer field for some HDR I arrived at 7 PM and unfortunately the gates were closed to the soccer stadium. Looks like a great spot for and HDR day I will get back.

It draws on experience from a cluster randomised trial of peer led sex education.Why evaluate processes?Conventional RCTs evaluate the effects of interventions on prespecified health outcomes. The main question is, “Does it work?” Process evaluations within trials explore the implementation, receipt, and setting of an intervention and help in the interpretation of the outcome results. They may aim to examine the views of participants on the intervention; study how the intervention is implemented; distinguish between components of the intervention; investigate contextual factors that affect an intervention; monitor dose to assess the reach of the intervention; and study the way effects vary in subgroups.4 Process evaluation can help to distinguish between interventions that are inherently faulty (failure of intervention concept or theory) and those that are badly delivered (implementation failure).5 Process evaluations are especially necessary in multisite trials, where the “same” intervention may be implemented and received in different ways..

Ahahahahahha; mine is a little too crazy. Got myself into trouble at a party for getting hammered and making several Bill Cosby references (I was keeping a count too, like it was a kill count or something. I want to say I made it to 4 or 5) throughout the night and referring to a friend of mine (who a blonde haired, blue eyed God of a man) “Hitler wet dream”.

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