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Witches and natural healers lived in fear of persecution, witch trials and death due to others not understanding their ways and the instance of some that witchcraft was evil, dangerous and even working with the devil. Understandably it became necessary for witches to conceal their practices and beliefs to protect themselves and their families. One theory of these protective measures is that witches developed a code to refer to the ingredients used in their spells and potions.

Cemeteries braced for surge in Covid 19 dead as Mexico readies to reopenYet as Mexico daily death toll rises to become one of the highest in the world a record 501 fatalities were reported on Tuesday alone the country is simultaneously preparing to reopen and weathering a politically charged battle over the true scale of the crisis. We doing well, the pandemic has been tamed,” Mexico populist president, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, claimed on Thursday as he announced he would resume touring the country when a period of nationwide quarantine was wound down next week. Mr Chauvin, who has been fired along with the other three police officers who apprehended Mr Floyd, was reported to the division 18 times.

Citizens Bank Park and ARAMARK have enhanced the ballpark’s merchandise and menu lineups. There will be new Phillies fashion for babies and adults, as well as new novelty items. The new food offered will include corn dogs, cinnamon sugar donuts, various paninis and homemade cupcakes.

Preparing and Cooking Water ChestnutsOnce the edible tubers or corms are collected, the mud is washed away to reveal deep brownish purple or black shiny skins. Inside is the creamy white edible portion, another similarity to Topi Tambo. The water chestnuts can be eaten raw at this point or cooked and added as an ingredient to salads, soups, stir fry, fried rice, and other Asian and non Asian cuisines.

People’s appetite for black suffering, to borrow a formulation from Susan Sontag, “is as keen as the desire for ones that show bodies naked.” In either case, we are left dealing with what white people think and confronting the undeniable fact that black people are still being killed by police at alarming, horrifying numbers. To be honest, these days, I can give less than a damn what white people think.George Floyd’s death, along with Breonna Taylor’s and Ahmaud Arbery’s, bring into full view the terror and trauma that shadow Black people experiences in this country. Covid 19 has not changed that.

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