Oakley Prescription Swimming Goggles

In the next part of the demonstration, a woman points her smartphone at a real world book, which SmartAR instantly identifies. The image on her smartphone screen then turns into an interactive e book, allowing her to flip the pages on her phone. In another demo, SmartAR is used to turn a 2D real world poster into an interactive menu.

The Celtics dominated the rivalry in the early years, defeating the Lakers in each of the first eight times they matched up in the finals, but the Lakers bounced back, winning three of the next four. The rivalry reached its apex in the 1980s with Bird Magic matchup, as battle between titans elevated the NBA into the national spotlight. “The Hick From French Lick”) and his (relatively) workmanlkie Celtic teammates..

Ball, who made $183,000 in salary and benefits last year, has been under some pressure lately. USRC collects rent from Ashkenazy and the parking garage to the tune of $10 million per year for maintenance, planning, and improvements. Del. I recall, as a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I participated in one conference deep in the Capitol’s basement featuring two dozen congressmen and senators, lots of posturing, and even a few amendments. The Senate conferees were led by Missouri Republican Kit Bond and Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski, both of whom brought life to the phrase “gruff but lovable.” A lowly House member at the time, I could only see the gruff (though both would become good friends during my time in the Senate). But without a process to resolve policy differences, they don’t get resolved.

Brandi Bitterman sued the village in May 2015, alleging it failed to send a final response by an April 28 deadline to a FOIA request she filed seeking financial records and reservist documents. The village sent the documents after the suit was filed, Ellison said. The portion of the case regarding the disclosure of information ended when the village handed over documents, though the case is still pending..

I found a lot of observations in this article to align with my own personal learning and teaching experiences. Memorization, even in analytical fields, is important because it allows us to chunk smaller bits of information together and skip evaluating every detail it decreases the size of the “mental stack”, if you will. Because recalling a fact from memory tends to be less demanding than applying rules to derive the fact, more cognitive reservoir remains for the novel parts of the larger problem..

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