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Having beers on the beach is a rite of passage for summer, but emerging research shows it could come with a big downside: more skin damage. Although the exact cause is still being determined, studies show that alcohol can increase your risk of sunburn, NPR reports. The research isn’t new, but the link between your beachside beer and sunburn has received little attention despite mounting evidence that alcohol can leave skin more vulnerable to the sun..

“If they killed this time, they’ve often killed before or have a history of problematic use of force.” In one Bay Area city with high rates of police violence, there are numerous officers who have been involved in more than one fatal shooting of a civilian.If the fired officers in Minneapolis don’t win their jobs back, “I think they’ll quietly be invited to work in other law enforcement departments”, Brooks predicted.Some police departments also knowingly hire officers who were fired in other jurisdictions, said Roger Goldman, an emeritus law professor at Saint Louis University and expert on police licensing. That’s often because the departments are located in smaller cities with tight budgets and can pay a lower salary to an officer who was terminated. “They are so strapped for cash, so they hire you,” Goldman said.The Cleveland officer who was fired after fatally shooting 12 year old Tamir Rice in 2014 was hired by a small Ohio village police department four years later.

I also dropped an anonymized version of my resume in the Threads here before that people kindly ripped apart and gave feedback on. I think this really helped me with hearing back since I emphasized the wrong things at first in my resume and cover letter. I mostly gotten referrals through networking (friends, friends of friends, school alumni, etc.).

The sentence still stands on its own two feet, so to speak, without the descriptive assistance of the temperature conditions. Without the commas, and with the additional description however, it becomes the dreaded run on sentence. Commas can stand in for periods in some instances.

Perhaps the two largest celebrations of Flag Day in Allentown history occurred in 1917 and 1922. The first of these centered around the unveiling of the First Defender statue in West Park. During a driving rain a crowd huddled under umbrellas and watched a parade to the park.

Being the Starbucks barista she is, she immediately came up with a solution: “try ordering it ristretto,” she said, explaining that ristretto means that the barista would put the shots of espresso immediately into the drink instead of letting them sit. This way, they’re fresher and therefore less bitter. I tried ordering it with this bit of Starbucks terminology and have ordered my beloved Starbucks drinks that way ever since..

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