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People of color no longer want to hear that your best friend is black. Or that your best friend in high school was black. Or that there is a difference between “kinds” of black people. TRENTON Friends and family members at the Trenton Fire Department’s valor awards ceremony Wednesday night knew they were going to hear about bravery and professionalism. They didn’t expect to see it in action. It was one of the quickest transfers of fire crews ever, Trenton fire director Qareeb Bashir said..

(According to reports) the body was found about 50 metres from the nearest parking opportunity.this distance is correct then it is significant as it would require a strong person to carry the body that far; or perhaps two people were involved in the disposal. More so if there was scrub or difficult terrain involved.location of the two logs between which the body was found is also significant. If these logs are not visible from the parking location then it is highly suggestive of the offender having previous knowledge of that concealment site, ie he had been there before.it is visible from the parking site then it is less suggestive of prior knowledge.

You’re dead’: Violent bully’s horrific campaign of abuse against girlfriend he threatened to ‘break every single bone’ in her bodyBolton’I’m taking you to a field and you’re dead. Then I’m going to come back and I’m going to get your mum and sister. I’ll save your little brother ’til last’.

Motherboard repair 2 took another 10 days and was returned with another cryptic note which said the motherboard had to be replaced again (it did not say what was wrong with the first one). This time the note also included a comment that everything had checked out with MRI diagnostics. Having had an MRI myself I thought it was a pretty expensive way to diagnose the thing and wondered whether those magnets would mess up the laptop more than help it, but who am I to argue with a sony technician? However, this time, the machine would not boot up completely (the sony would boot but not windows) and this was because, as diagnosed by a sony technician after 1/1/2 hours on the phone as being caused by the WRONG motherboard put in the second trip in (I have no clue if it’s correct but that’s what the man said) resulting in motherboard repair trip 3..

Credit for SpaceX’s big win goes in large measure to the company’s proven line of hardware, including its workhorse Falcon 9 rocket. Counting its maiden flight in June 2010, it had 83 launches before today’s, in some cases ferrying satellites to orbit for paying customers, in other cases making cargo runs to the ISS. Part of the secret of the Falcon 9’s reliability is its simplicity.

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