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“They are no longer just represented in the media as cast characters and written roles fuelled by stereotypes, they are now tangible real people. Casting rooms no longer decide who we can watch we now get to decide. So now to be able to see these people without any filter that’s very important to the acceleration of minority groups and movements..

Desktops : Desktop processors and video cards are insanely powerful compared to laptops. If you doing any sort of compilation (even if it webpack frontend) this stuff helps a ton. A project that takes 90s to build on a mbp is 30s on a desktop. It pretty much configured out the box and much nicer than Ubuntu clan IMO. I hate PPAs plus support for Fedora is growing, and there are some nice COPR repos with AMD optimized kernels and mesa aco. Moved all my devices to Fedora 32 KDE for the moment but Arch still has a special place in my heart, just don have time to adjust every little detail right now.

1. David Eigenberg I love seeing actors that I enjoyed from other shows turning up as a quirky character on Justified. I loved HBO’s series Sex and the City, so I was thrilled to see Miranda’s guy Steve turn up as a bookie. “We believe we can win that game,” said Marcus Morris, Irving’s former Celtics teammate. “They’ve been struggling, we’ve been struggling, so I know there’s going to be a lot of excitement coming in. Obviously it’s Brooklyn versus the Knicks, so there’s going to be a lot of excitement.

So often in horror movies there are snippets where you supposed to feel empathy or compassion for the kid, and I found myself searching for those moments in the story, but that absolutely not the case in this film. You supposed to hate the kid even though you know you shouldn really. It makes you sympathize with the mother even more, since you just as frustrated with him as she is.Honestly, don diet.

The woman and over a dozen others, several of them kids, were at Comer Children’s Hospital on Saturday night, embracing each other and waiting for updates from officers after learning that the woman’s son was fatally shot in the West Englewood neighborhood. While standing with a group of people outside in the 2300 block of West 68th Street, according to Chicago police. Someone ran up and fired at him before jumping into a vehicle that sped away..

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