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Doctors and nurses were able to enjoy the ‘Blue Impulse’ acrobatic flypast as it made its way over the Self Defence Forces Central Hospital. Read more here. Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Sir Patrick Vallance says ministers have to take “many other factors into consideration” beyond scientific advice, adding that such advice should be “independent of politics”.

“My daughter, I think, is still the only child under 10 who tested positive in Nova Scotia.”Selfridgechecked their temperatures and watched for symptoms every day, while also trying to put them at ease.”I asked them about it. They weren concerned about it. Whirlpool refused, telling Hammond she have to go after a third party company she never heard of located in China that owns the factory that manufactured the appliance.”I was absolutely shocked.

Businesses and financial institutions operating in Hong Kong this would herald a period of great uncertainty,” says Prasad, “especially as they can no longer count on Hong Kong’s much touted rule of law and at least modest independence from China.”Kennedy believes that companies with operations in Hong Kong will likely leave if the situation continues to deteriorate.”If Hong Kong loses its independent judiciary, freedom of the press, and all those things it has treasured, then Hong Kong is not going to be seen as a safe harbor within China and the region for American companies to base their regional headquarters, have most of their capital and large staff, and base their contracts there,” he says.One Hong Kong hedge fund executive tells TIME that he is “definitely concerned” about the news. His firm started considering alternative office locations in Asia because of events in Hong Kong last year, but hadn’t made any meaningful decisions. Depending on how the situation pans out, it may “speed up,” the process of getting a contingency plan in place.Better for business?Hong Kong officials have attempted to allay the concerns of international investors, saying that national security legislation is needed to ensure there is no repeat of the mass demonstrations that paralyzed Hong Kong for the second half of 2019.

6,955 yards, Par 70The site of Tiger Woods AT National tournament the last two years, Aronimink has undergone a rebirth. A major renovation has returned it to its brawny glory. The club will wear even the best players down to a nub with its severe elevation changes and dastardly greens.

By May, 3,642 Canadians had died in LTC facilities, making up 82 per cent of all deaths. Today, Health Canada reports that more than 6,700 Canadians have perished from the virus, with 97 per of the victims being over the age of 60, and 75 per cent being over the age of 80.Why did this disaster happen?It certainly cannot be pegged to the LTC industry. The elderly death toll has a variety of causes, but the main question is: How many of these deaths could have been avoided if Ottawa the chief science player in this pandemic had focused on the specific risk to the elderly rather than attempt to stop the spread of COVID 19 through the whole population?Veteran Canadian risk consultant Tim Leech has been hammering that point.

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