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As in any autobiographical show, Woodard isn’t playing herself, exactly, but a character based on herself, crafted for public consumption. Halfway through, this anthology of not two, not three, not four, but 10 10! variations on Thank God That Kid Ran Into Charlayne Woodward, or Actually, I Guess You Could Just Thank Me, Charlayne Woodard, I was still expecting to hear if or how Woodard’s selective involvement with these still forming humans had ever taught her something. But she that is, her character ends the evening in the same emotional place she started.

Scissors are good for cutting paper, tape, cloth and who knows what else. People have a tendency to forget these snipping needs out of the mix when buying things for a new place. Always have a set around for when those cutting needs arise. Padded booths, tile floors, dim lighting (you almost need a flashlight to get around): It can only be the Lido, one of the state’s most atmospheric pizza joints. It’s cash only, and a thin crust pizza haven. “How many years has the Lido been open? I asked on my most recent visit.

“Congress established inspectors general to serve the American people to be independent and objective watchdogs, not agency lapdogs. That’s the only way they can help drain the swamp of waste, fraud, and abuse entrenched within unelected bureaucracies.”Engel also took aim at Akard, who worked as an economic adviser for Pence when the now vice president was Indiana’s governor.In addition to his conflicting dual roles, “Akard has no investigatory or law enforcement experience,” Engel said in his letter Wednesday. “Even if he were to completely sever his ties with the Department, he would remain unqualified to run the OIG .

Our research is funded by agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, Institute of Education Studies, National Science Foundation, California Department of Education, Spencer Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York, just to name a few.The Department’s leading teacher education, principal leadership, educational leadership and student affairs programs teach the next generation of outstanding educators and education leaders. Through this work we bring the most innovative approaches to teaching, learning and leadership to students in Los Angeles and beyond. Visionary partnerships with two Los Angeles Unified School District schools and the UCLA Lab School serve as sites for developing, testing and evaluating practices that promote successful outcomes for some of the nation’s most underserved students.With so many rich opportunities to learn and study, our graduates are at the forefront of education.

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