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NEW NAMING TRENDSThere are a couple recent trends when it comes to middle names. It seems parents these days are using last names and old fashioned names as middle names for their new babies. Last names like Cooper, Ellice Fletcher and Hudson have all risen in popularity.

Seaman, Harley Hotchkiss, Norm Green, Ralph Scurfield, and Norman Kwong announced the acquisition of the Atlanta Flames and declared their intention to relocate the franchise to Alberta. Calgarians lined up to support their new team. For the first time in NHL history, 755 standing room season tickets were sold, generating a capacity crowd of 7,243 fans at the Stampede Corral for the Flames’ inaugural game on October 9, 1980..

The SETSM software is a fully automatic algorithm for deriving the surface maps, called Digital Terrain Models, or DTMs. The maps are created from applying the algorithm to sets of overlapping pairs of high resolution satellite images acquired by colleagues at the Polar Geospatial Center (link sends e mail) at the University of Minnesota. The satellite images are acquired from the Worldview 1 and Worldview 2 satellites, owned by DigitalGlobe Inc., and are licensed through the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s NextView program.

He would need two quarts of Gatorade to get through the final game, then a coffee and a can of dip for the long midnight drive. But first he headed for the far dugout, where the kid was packing up his gear. He’d figure out what to say on the way over.

Technology may also have a role to play, as editors use special effects to remove social distancing or PPE from a shot. And it’s all going to take more time.For Mandel it changes everything.”All of a sudden, something that you might have been planning as, like, a really tight, budgeted. Like a 20 day shoot, that’s not going to be possible if you’re trying to do something with any sense of scope.

Refurbishment of the prime minister official Canberra residence will cost taxpayers more than $8.8 million at least $5 million more than originally expected. Work on The Lodge is expected to be finished in July and will cost $8.842 million, dwarfing the original $3.19 million price tag. Originally expected to take 18 months and be completed by mid 2014, Finance Department officials have pushed back the completion date at least three times as the scope of works has been expanded.

Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site.When it comes to vehicle crashes, size and weight matter a great deal. That’s the conclusion of a comprehensive, three year study into how drivers fared in their vehicles over time by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.The fatality rates were far higher in small cars and mini cars than in vehicles with higher masses, such as larger SUVs, pickups, and minivans, according to the Virginia based IIHS, a safety research organization funded by the insurance industry. Large luxury SUVs had the lowest death rates.”Smaller vehicles offer less protection for the driver in crashes, and their lighter mass means that they take the brunt of collisions with larger vehicles,” Joe Nolan, senior vice president of vehicle research at the IIHS, said in a statement.The IIHS study, which reviewed makes, models, and vehicle categories for 147,324 driver fatalities, provides an additional data point for safety conscious consumers shopping for cars, to complement already available crash test data and lists of available safety equipment.

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