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Such courses of study can last for as little as three weeks or for a full academic year.Honors in Religious Studies and HumanitiesMotivated and capable students are invited to apply to complete an honors thesis or project in Religious Studies or Humanities. Internships offer a firsthand view of the role of religion in community life, and provide valuable career development experience.The Center for the Public Understanding of Religion (CPUR)CPUR was founded in 2012 to promote reasoned dialogue about religion and society and to help create a religiously literate public. CPUR provides a forum to explore topics such as the growth of religion on the internet, the role of religion in democratic discourse, and the place of religion in healthcare, corrections, and the military; it also promotes an educational agenda focused on teaching about religion in the public schools.Further Information is Available on our WebsiteVisit the Comparative Religion and Humanities website for introductions to our faculty, the Comparative Religion and Humanities Student Society (CRHSS), course syllabi, overseas study, careers, graduate school, and other information.

She loved to work with her hands. Even this year, the exhibit hall at the fair was filled with many of her entries. Her love of horses is what a lot of people think of when her name is mentioned. “I addressed it to him, too, at John Starks Foundation two years ago. He said, well you know, my wife wanted to go to the game. I said Bernard, this man made you turn off your Twitter account, and you’re gonna tell me that out of 41 home games, this is the game your wife wanted to go to?”.

When NDTV visited the hospital, Dr Imran Moin and Dr Pradeep Kumar, two child specialists who also manage other sections of the hospital including the Out Patient Department, are trying to convince the parents of a just born baby to shift to Gorakhpur medical college over 200 km away. The baby is severely underweight. It has turned blue and every breath seems to be under tremendous pain.

For Hillary Clinton, Tuesday night was both the best of times and the worst of times. As the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, her path to the presidency became slightly smoother. The problem, however, is that the magnitude of the GOP victory has made winning the White House a heck of a lot less attractive..

The contrast between the two men’s approaches couldn’t have been starker, even though they’re both known for saying what’s on their minds and dropping verbal gaffes like cracked Easter eggs. In Trump’s case, it’s a reckless approach that has won him fans. For Biden, it’s been viewed as a deficit that could sink his chances of occupying the Oval Office..

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