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The tool can be used to deploy quizzes, questions and games to students devices that they can interact with either individually, in pairs, or in small groups, and can help increase engagement in the classroom. Can be used both to records lectures and create mobile learning content, and for students themselves to record video content, which can then be easily uploaded to a dedicated website, where academics can access it. The videos are held on a secure site, not open to the public.

It appears that FIBA and the International Olympic Committee are going to have a talk. One day this week, the IOC announced qualifying for the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics needs to be completed by June 29, 2021. On another, FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, made their own announcement about qualifying for the basketball portion of the Olympics.

Westward expansion in the United States runs parallel to the rise to prominence of the railroad in the Southwest. As we will see, settlements and towns sprang up all along railways, thus positively impacting economic development and expansion in the American Southwest. By reading this Hub, you will learn.

Focusing on ourselves during our loved one’s death also robs us of much needed transition time. They are still here! To take the focus off of them at this critical moment is to leave ourselves without a precious memory that we will be able to hold dear in the coming months and years. In essence, we are leaving ourselves without peace of mind and comfort when it is most critically needed..

This video has earned over 27 million views on YouTube since it was first posted in 2015. I’m a sucker for twins content (sorry), but I also have a deep respect for these brave souls who bare their emotions in front of the camera. The two earnestly discuss their feelings with their father in a way that’s so deeply personal and I think it’s fair to use this adjective inspirational.

Ever since it all got better. I run for 30 minutes a day,maybe 1 hour / 3 days a week. I used to do 4 days a week. Over the weekend, Curiosity took a second scoop and repeated the shaking process. However, the second scoop also found more bright material, some of which is embedded in the Martian soil. The new assessment holds that the particles are native to Mars, and the Curiosity team will take a third scoop for testing..

Indeed, each media produced by humankind always came out with its own respective golden age era. For television, whose technicalities were still being polished, debated upon, and even being fought in court during the 1940s, the latter part of that decade became the Golden Age of Television, continuing it well up to the 1950s and even the early 1960s. The 1950s was the definitive decade for this era since there were many kinds of innovations that appeared ever since the first commercial television broadcast was made..

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