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Gay speaks of her writing as a kind of exorcism. She writes, “I used to think I didn’t have triggers because I told myself I was tough. I was steel. Once you been dating someone for a few months, though, all bets are off. You can (and should!) consider picking up a piece of jewelry for them every so often. You should also continue to buy jewelry for them throughout your relationship.

Others have no choice. The Bulls might lose Gibson in free agency this summer, and Boston which could easily have the No. 1 pick in this year draft thanks to a past deal with the Brooklyn Nets is believed to be a potential landing spot for Butler if Chicago elects to go into a full rebuilding mode.

Thank you, Angel. I agree with you that energy is all around us. However, some of the dietary restrictions the Jews followed were because people were dying from eating things like contaminated pork and shellfish. Fires, many from burning cars, were visible in a number of areas and television pictures showed widespread looting.Hundreds of troops from the National Guard, a reserve military force that can be called on by the US president or state governors to intervene in domestic emergencies, moved in late at night.A burnt vehicle is seen in the aftermath of protests in MinneapolisMinnesota officials said tens of thousands of people turned out on Friday and they are expecting more unrest on Saturday night.As a result, Gov Walz said he was activating all National Guard troops available in the state reportedly up to 13,000 for the first time in history to respond to rioters. The Pentagon said some US military units were on alert to support Minnesota if asked.There are long standing tensions between the black community and police in Minneapolis. Another black man, Philando Castile, was shot and killed in 2016 during a traffic stop close to the epicentre of these protests in a case that gained international attention.African Americans also suffer significant socio economic inequalities, entrenched segregation and a higher level of unemployment than the white community.In Atlanta, Georgia, where buildings were vandalised, a state of emergency was declared for some areas to protect people and property..

If no one took the initiative to change how they lived their lives because they were waiting for the government and corporations to take the lead then (even assuming it ever happens) there would have been no market for innovations. There would be no infrastructure for local food that people were supporting and no small scale green energy economy. The grassroots and small companies growing will make the change more efficient in the long term, you can’t just flip a switch when corporations/government decide to get on board and expect to start from 0..

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