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Exit polls found that just one percent of black voters who made up more than half of the primary electorate backed Klobuchar.In responding to the unrest in Minnesota, a low point even in her home state’s long history of racial tension, Klobuchar has appeared animated by criticisms of her record and of her past outreach to voters of color.The senator’s response to the Floyd killing was quick: she called for an investigation into it and declared “Justice must be served for this man, justice must be served for our community, and justice must be served for our country.” But she took criticism from activists for the statement’s phrasing; for example, it didn’t state explicitly that he had been killed by a police officer.On MSNBC Friday from Minneapolis, Klobuchar was more direct. “Anyone that watched that video of George Floyd’s life literally evaporating in front of our eyes as he’s trying to breathe while that police officer had a knee on his neck, is something that’s etched in the minds of everyone in our state and everyone in our country,” she said.In that interview, Klobuchar also took pains to note that she was busy on the ground meeting with civil rights leaders in Minneapolis, mentioning in particular the Rev. Al Sharpton, in a show of stepped up outreach to the black community.

Enjoy!Everyone is talking about how the world will change because of the novel Coronavirus, also popularly known as COVID 19. Life, as we know it, will be changed forever but this is not the first or last time that we will have to adapt anew. It happened after the first and second world wars, industrial revolution and the internet revolution.Being locked in the house with the family is lovely, and we have short intervals of loving it.

I did have one fellow follow up, Mike. Mike is a young man and was new to real estate investing. He was out of town but asked if I could go look at a lead he had. With photocomics (not sure it even necessary to separate this), we still making stories, but this time it may be comic relief, to offset the heaviness of life and/or canon. (i think some ppl use to mean the format is that of comicbook art but the pictures are made by toy photos. For me that would be a kind of photostory.)i know i missing a few ppl sorry (names are not my area).

“I believe winning a habit and you create that habit from day one. There no gray areas with me. I a straightforward guy. She still is, and she is still very petite. Her sister, “Bobbie,” is nearly pure white, with some flame point markings, and we think she may be part Ragamuffin, as the fur on her back between shoulders and tail is quite rough and a bit unruly, while the fur from her head to shoulders is velvety. She also has a stubby tail, hence her name..

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