Oakley Evzero Path Wiggle

Buckminister Fuller saw the world as being divided among and ruled by what he called the “great pirates” until very recently (the 19th century). He would have included the sovereigns among the pirates. The novel development he was interested in (and saw himself as an exemplar of) was the scientist/engineer, whom we might see as a synthesis of all the previous castes: the scientist/engineer, who takes all of reality as a field of open inquiry and possible transformation to increase the power of humanity, has a bit of the priest, warrior, craftsman and adventurer in him while being something qualitatively different at the same time.

Blade Runner sequel. It’s more like the kind of cabin that a reclusive Harrison Ford might be found living in at the end of some future Blade Runner sequel. Or the type of “back to nature” retreat a Google DeepDream style neural network would imagine if you trained it exclusively on a dataset of Grimms’ Fairy Tales..

“It’s politically attractive. Whatever one thinks about Mr Trump, he knows about symbols, he knows about advertising and he knows the kind of themes that are attractive to a broad segment of the population. I think he has concluded that a successful space program is one of the things that has those attributes.”.

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(Mindtools, p. 1; Fowler, p. 3; Dimensions, p. Keep both dogs on their leashes and let them say hello. Wagging tails is a good sign, and once you see wagging tails, you know that they are more likely to get on. If it is a secure area you could try letting them off the lead.

One of the coolest places to HDR in the US State Penitentiary. It housed Al Capone and many other scary people. I have only visitd once, but would enjoy heading back to take the tour. He had found his new family, and his adventures had begun as a member of the Brown household. He is usually dressed in a blue duffle coat, floppy bush hat and wellingtons, and hide your marmalade if he comes to visit as that is his favourite food. His most treasured possession is the suitcase he brought with him from Peru that has a secret compartment where he keeps his important documents..

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