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Mike arrived just in time for the President’s Day snowstorm. In order to take his picture in front of the 4 foot snowbanks, I reinforced his lightweight body with cardboard and taped him to a tripod. The neighbors chuckled at the sight of Mike, with his big blue eyes, spiky brown crew cut, and too big yellow hands, posed in front of a snowbound car on 17th Street.

If indeed this was a hijacking, did the plane land somewhere, as some are suggesting, possibly to be used later as an airborne weapon of some kind, perhaps loaded with a nuclear or biological weapon? I seriously doubt it. I suspect, instead, the plane crashed into the ocean, and will be found there eventually. Remote as some airports are, none are small or unwatched enough to accept a Boeing 777 without it being obvious.

Consumers only choice in such a scenario is to spend it or let the bank take it. (The theory is that by forcing people to spend cash rather than save it, you can spur economic growth.)Rather than going further into negative territory a move that carries political risks the more negative it becomes the Riksbank chose instead to do another round of quantitative easing (a forced bond buying program that flushes more central bank cash into the economy).But the pressure for negative interest rates to drive cash out of bank deposits and into the economy is building. Switzerland, for instance, has negative central policy rates that cost its banks $1 billion a year.

There was a car in between us and my girlfriend and I started walking away. The dude charged at me, and I pepper sprayed him. He immediately darted away, tried to come back, and then started screaming in blind anger. When he was done as a NASCAR driver, leaving his role as co owner of Stewart Haas Racing the only true tie to the stock car series, he went back to his roots. He relocated from North Carolina to spend more time at his custom built Indiana retreat. And he started racing sprint cars again..

They can trade me. But I’m going to speak my mind.” If Tim challenged our effort, you have to challenge the way he does things too. He makes lineup changes every day. However, there exist a direct relation between salary and productivity of an employee. But there are a multitude of job opportunities are in the market that are waiting for a worthy candidate. Not only do they give Leadership Training but also motivational training and sales training..

Here’s another divide that started to get more attention this election: the rural urban gap. Rural voters vote more Republican, while urban voters vote more Democratic, and that divide grew this year from where it was in 2012 and 2008. It’s a nuanced divide, too; strikingly, as counties get progressively more rural, they more or less steadily grow more Republican.

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