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“Our schedules are so tight and we’ve got so much to do, but I make it work,” the rookie told a small group of reporters during practice on Monday. “I just kinda stay up later to study plays, and try to distance myself from my phone, and you know that’s hard being my age. But I just try to distance myself from my phone and stay in the playbook and stay around the guys.

Harnessing the charitable impulses of Canadians both individually and through non profits could revolutionize how we take care of one another and in so doing enrich our communities. Jason Clemens, FI executive vice presidentLess freedomLenin once said there are decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen. In this new era of the past few weeks, Canada has become less free.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. I’ve always been proud of KC, but even more so now that the food, sports, and cultural scenes have really blown up in recent years. With so many new improvements and growth, along with so much history, what is there not to be proud of?.

It’s how he meets Neruda, played by Phillippe Noiret, who uses his gift for language to help Mario see his familiar existence in a new way. In connecting with a poet, Mario comes to think like a poet, his vision refreshed by the possibilities of land and sea, the wind, the faces of family, the beating of the human heart.I finished “Il Postino” feeling hopeful, but a little envious, too. Why couldn’t I also be graced by the personal counsel of a famous poet like Neruda? But then I remembered that Neruda, who died in 1973, was as close as my bookshelf, which contained a copy of his “Odes to Common Things.” One of Neruda’s continuing themes was the way that basic objects, like tables and chairs, soap and socks, a dictionary or a pair of scissors, can seem magical when glanced at a slightly different angle.Here’s part of Neruda’s “Ode to a pair of socks”:As Georgia reopens, is it creating a model for America?Maru Mori brought mea pairof socksthat she knit with herTwo socks as softas rabbit fur.inside themas if they werelittle boxesfrom threadsof sunsetThat’s how Neruda transforms something as simple as socks, which we pull from the drawer daily and slide on without thought, into something to savor and marvel over.This is really what all good poets can do making the mundane into the magical, the everyday into an adventure.

I wish it could be different. I got a job now. My job today is to fix up and clean up some of the things of the past that were wrong. Not all disposable items are just made of plastic. For example: toothbrushes. I am not a fan of electric toothbrushes as a green alternative.

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