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There’s a weird sort of fascination surrounding diaries, journals, and now blogs. I got my first diary when I was a tender five years of age. Of course this original diary was more funny than anything with notes from my brother claiming I smelled, fanciful tales of Halloween ghosts, and the occasional snarky remark about my mother’s choice of boyfriend (later to be husband.) The spelling was also really really bad but what can I say, I was five.

Michaels’ professional career began after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Ithaca College in New York. After calling football, basketball, baseball and hockey games in western Pennsylvania, he moved full time to the hockey world in 1999, joining the Colorado Gold Kings of the WCHL where he was the play by play voice for three seasons before moving to Anchorage, Alaska. Jack lives in Sherwood Park with his wife, Emily, and their two children, Callie and Tyler..

3. If The Resurrection of Lazarus was not written by a Frenchman, it is more likely it was written by some unknown Scandinavian composer. Come to think of it, The Resurrection of Lazarus is really known only by Christine and Raoul, and this because they heard it played by Daddy Daa.

Olyphant also used to join Joe Escalante every morning to do the sports report on the Indie radio station 103.1 FM. He would call in the sports report every morning regardless of where he might be at the time. Olyphant has stated that he just read the paper and reported on what he read.

The images capture scenes of celebration from United’s many triumphs domestically, in Europe and on the world stage as well as triumphant homecomings attracting hundreds of thousands of fans in Manchester. And there are a few candid shots from off the pitch that should make you smile and maybe reminisce a little. Scroll through our gallery below:.

CLAIMING PRIZE: To claim a Prize, Potential Winners should go to the 50/50 RAFFLE kiosk located on the Concourse level by Section 118 or call 408 977 4791. The purchased 50/50 RAFFLE ticket is the only valid receipt for claiming a Prize. The original ticket must be submitted and reflect the winning draw number.

By mid meal, the younger kids have disappeared into the playroom and the adult conversation grows louder. Everyone catches up on what happened over the weekend, on work, on birthday parties, on upcoming holiday plans. The relaxed atmosphere, the way people easily discuss the details of everyday life, the shared cooking, table clearing, and dishwashing make the group seem like a very equitable, very organized family.

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