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A former Canberran ex Adelaide, who now lives near Heathrow, revealed over lunch his element of kitchen gardening. Two years ago he bought one raspberry cane for one pound. It produced 10 raspberries. We adapt the work of Chen and Ibrahim to propose a conjugate prior distribution for the parameters of the multinomial logit model. Inspired by the imprecise Dirichlet model, we will perform a robust Bayesian analysis by proposing a fairly broad class of prior distributions, in order to accommodate scarcity of data and lack of strong prior expert opinion. We discuss the computation of bounds for the posterior transition probabilities, using a variety of calculation methods.

But one thing was very different. Windows were open, but instead of clothes drying on the lines that stretch between them, there were masks flapping in the breeze. Instead of rosaries hanging off the rear view mirrors of parked cars, there were now masks.

Grindr has at times been used for the worst imaginable crimes. In 2016, serial killer Stephen Port was jailed for killing four young men and raping four others. He used Grindr to set up his killings. Now if you have not purchased the AppleCare two year plan then you are still covered in the 1 year warranty that pretty much all Apple products have. The only thing you need to make sure of is that there are no cracks in the casing as this voids your warranty (I discovered this the hard way). Make sure not to jailbreak the iPhone as this may also cause a void in the warranty..

The next 18 years were spent crisscrossing Canada and the US together making numerous new friends from NFLD to the Queen Charlotte Island and as far north as Whitehorse, YK. After retiring from the Van Line she kept busy with the census, enumeration and cleaning homes and cottages. Mom very much enjoyed their vacations to the Dominican Republic.

Today’s Gospel reading is about “seeing” Jesus’ healing of the man born blind not simply by using one’s sense of sight, but “seeing” it with spiritual maturity. In this narrative, the Pharisees failed on different levels to “see” the true miracle happening in the life of the man born blind. They may not have witnessed the miracle unfold before their very eyes, but they have intentionally “blinded” themselves from God’s Divine intervention..

Now, if you found and took a bug or token, you need to keep a record of where you found it, its tracking number and where you left it when you passed it along to the next cache. All of that is entered on the website. You’d put on the found cache page, “Found (date) SL/Took Token xxx.” If you also left a new token, you’d also add, “Left Token xxx.” (SL/TT./LT.).

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