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Recent Boston Globe polling put him more than 20 points behind the attorney general.Campaigning with Tompkins and State Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry, of Dorchester, Grossman said in a low turnout primary, local endorsements can turn out voters.Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe met Grossman during Grossman 2010 treasurer campaign. Ashe, a powerful Western Massachusetts political figure who has been sheriff since 1974, is effusive in his praise for Grossman high standards and personal integrity.

Thanks, Gordon! It was quite a day! While he was happy to get his tackle back, we were most concerned about the dolphin who seemed tangled in the line. I was so relieved when it came undone. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Happy fishing!9 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom.

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A time capsule is a way to collect some of these memories before they evaporate. Words are better than photos for capturing certain aspects of your life. Photos show what everyone looked like at the time, but words can remind you what you felt, thought, loved, hated, wanted and feared.

Islanders equipment manager Scott Boggs added extra padding to Justin DiBenedetto’s glove to protect part of his hand from injury. Is a lot of paperwork in the business nowadays, Boggs said. Takes up some of your time, but that why I have assistants with me that are able to help me out, whether it straightening up the room or doing a repair on something.

She needs the speech rewritten on the fly, so she has to vamp on her way up the aisle to buy time. Of course, if you’re greeting her in those moments, you don’t think she’s buying time, you just think she’s an idiot. And maybe later, you tell that to the press, and now other people think she’s an idiot, because they don’t know that she was trying to give her staff time to rewrite a speech..

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