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More than 5.6 million people subscribe to Oakley YouTube channel, and 3.3 million follow his Twitter account.In August, Oakley won the Teen Choice Award for top male star of the web.Oakley is so popular, he been invited to the White House so Barack and Michelle Obama can pick his brain on how to communicate more effectively with young people.Not bad for a kid who grew up in Jackson and later graduated from Okemos High School.Oakley attended Michigan State University, which is when he started video blogging. He later lived in Ann Arbor before moving to Californiato pursue acareer.His video blogs cover an array of topics. Some are light hearted and fun, some are self described “rants,” and others deal with social issues.One particular organization Oakley is passionate about is the Trevor Project, which is geared toward suicide prevention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LBGTQ) young people.

I laughed when she called the cops. I thought: “Yeah, call the cops and tell them that I won let you take MY gun with you when you move out, because you know nothing about guns and it not safe. Then explain to them that it in your name, but it my gun because you bought it for me.

The best thing Oakley did for me is when he called my folks one evening when I misbehaved too much at school, acting out of character. To realize when your students are acting out of character, a teacher has to know the students beyond a superficial level. To call home after hours, the teacher has to care..

If you dream that a stranger has died, this suggest that you are feeling unattached to the changes occurring in your waking life. This dream can reach several different meanings. You know what changes have effected you recently. It’s no wonder that one of these companies has been making Frosted Flakes the same way for more than 60 years (with goofy TV commercials for ) while the other started as a search engine and now builds phones, maps and self driving cars. Imagine how comical it would be for a tech company to sell the same product for five years, let alone 50. R is not just about coming up with a new flavor or lowering the fat content of an existing product..

Emilia Clarke y Jason Momoa (Ya saben, una de las parejas ca en desgracia de GOT, Daenerys y Khal Drago) emocionaron a todos los fan de Game of Thrones cuando se reunieron en un evento relacionado con la serie y se divirtieron un poco en el Trono de Hierro.Emilia comparti en Instagram una maravillosa foto de Jason carg junto con la leyenda, “Para su informaci esto es lo m cercano que me ver intentando paso’ de Dirty Dancing. S mi hombre est sentado. S no hay lago.

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