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This explains why, although you’ve tried, the narcissist does not seem to what you’ve shared about something they didthat “hurt” your feelings. Or, why theyneverengage in”real” talks about improving your relationship, emotional intimacy and closeness, etc. The narcissistsees this as your emotional “craziness stuff” and views this as your attempt to trap, disempower or emasculate..

Facts are facts and being bothered by them or trying to be super “woke” does not change reality. So even if one person reads my comments and chooses to research for them self, it’s worth the cost of fake karma. At the end of the day I believe in equality of opportunity for all, but not in equality of outcomes, as we all have our own goals and idea of success.

In it come numerous usability improvements. One major area Apple has focused on is centered on text input. Android users have long been able to switch keyboards to a 3rd party layout like Swype and SwiftKey and now iPhone users will have that same flexibility.

Even though schools of fish were just yards away in the ocean, the penguins were compelled to stay on dry land; but standing there, they would soon starve to death. Their hungry chicks would starve as well. It was an impossible situation. EMPEY, Zachariah ‘Zach’ Passed away suddenly at his home on Sunday July 26, 2015 at the age of 43. Beloved husband of 20 years to Silvia Empey. Cherished father of Kerstyn (Russell) and Ashleigh.

For instance, you might visit the street of your car accident. CPT typically includes writing a detailed account of the trauma and reading it in front of your therapist and at home. As you recount the event, the therapist will record it, so you can listen at home.

Orbs are Beings of LightAnother theory that has been gaining popularity is that colored orbs of light, or energy orbs, are the concentrated energy essence, or a point of consciousness, of “beings of light” from other dimensions. Some people believe that the beings of light are angels or spirit guides. Others believe the light beings to be neighbors from a parallel dimension, or extraterrestrial, inter planetary travelers.

Vol. Advances in communication and culture. London: Ablex Pub.Chouliaraki, Lilie. Once you open a bottle of wine, you break the seal made by the bottle closure and thus reunite the wine inside with oxygen. The more wine is exposed to oxygen over time, the more it will slowly (but surely) transition into its next inevitable stage in life: vinegar. Well, not actually vinegar, but close enough to call it that.

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Article content continuedCalling for just six ingredients, his coconut bounties are light and supremely straightforward to make. They’re completely no bake and come together in just half an hour (plus setting time). Package up an assortment in a box and tie with ribbon or stack in a tiered tiffin carrier with a handwritten note, and you’re all set..

Track your viewing. Ask yourself: What TV shows, channels and platforms do I actually use the most? Which broadcast channels, cable services and streaming platforms include most of what I like? You wouldn’t fill a bookshelf with books you might read, so don’t crowd your media diet with random services, either. One big question: Do you need cable TV? Many people don’t; I keep it mostly for ready access to live events and broadcast TV stations without an antenna, but you might feel differently..

Raptors coach Butch Carter: “I’m concerned about the trend of not playing well on Sundays and the fact that Vince [Carter]doesn’t get to the line at home.” Grizzlies guard Michael Dickerson: “Free throws are keys to wins defensive stops and making free throws.” Grizzlies forward Shareef Abdur Rahim: “We’ve got to get all the wins we can get. It’s a good win against a good team.”Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff.

The act of one, impacts us all.”But Gloria Browne Marshall, a civil rights attorney and professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said she wouldn be a “cheerleader” for a “handful” of chiefs who harshly decried the officers behaviour.”Any minute progress is seen as miraculous because so little has been done for so long,” she said. The governor on Thursday called in the National Guard. Eric Garner died in the city in 2014 after he was placed in a chokehold by police and uttered the same words Floyd did: “I can breathe.”It took city officials five years to fire the officer, and no criminal or federal charges were brought.”What we saw in Minnesota was deeply disturbing.

I had a few of my photos on the local Voice covers and also have a photo in the 2012 Hill Country Calendar. The big news in 2011 was a book deal with Focal Press to produce 200 page book on Infrared Photography. I worked hard on this in my spare time for a few months, but then declined the offer.

Although predominantly vegan raw food diets can also be vegetarian or even include meat and fish. Many people feel that is morally wrong to kill animals purely for human to eat or feel that the methods and practices used in breeding, farming, slaughtering animals for food and other uses are unnecessarily cruel. Many religions such as Jainism, Hinduism, Rastifari, Islam and Judaism have requirements or preferences for followers of the religion to abstain from eating certain meats or to eat none at all so people may become vegetarian to fit in with these..

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Many states have taken that advice to heart in the years since. In states where Republicans have control, laws that loosen gun restrictions increased by 75% in the wake of mass shootings, according to a 2019 Harvard Business School report.Nearly every state implemented new gun laws after the Sandy Hook shooting, with about two thirds enacting laws that made access to guns easier and gave more rights to gun owners, the New York Times reported in 2013.Texas which has long had permissive laws on guns was among the states that expanded gun rights, by reducing safety training requirements to apply for concealed carry permits. During its 2019 session alone, the state legislature passed 10 laws making it easier for gun owners to keep and carry their weapons.

Trains and the Civil WarWhen considering the impact of railroads on the Civil War, consider the following. Unfortunately for the South, 21,300 miles of this trackage (in conjunction with 45,000 miles of telegraph wire), or about 70%, was concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest leaving the region with only 9,022 miles (along with 5,000 miles of telegraph wire). A further problem for the South was the general poor construction of its infrastructure, built to light and shoddy standards, not conducive to the heavy and continued use during wartime.

The May sunset was red in clouds, and there was still half an hour to twilight. The dry slope was dotted with rabbits some nibbling at the thin grass near their holes, others pushing further down to look for dandelions or perhaps a cowslip that the rest had missed. Here and there one sat upright on an ant heap and looked about, with ears erect and nose in the wind.

Frame manufacturer web site has some info, at least [lens width bridge temple] are provided. This determines where the optical center (clearest vision) of the lens will be located in the frame. Most online sites for single vision lenses do not have an input field for fitting height, using averages instead.

She made the most of her time in the spotlight of global politics on Monday. Her approach and words enchanted many and disgusted others. Climate conference appearance. When you are done cooking, turn the gas tank off first and then turn off the barbeque grill valves. This will minimize the amount of residual pressure left in the gas hose. Keep some safety features in mind regarding your gas BBQ grill parts and you will not buy replacement parts that you do not need.

THESE PROVISIONS FORM AN ESSENTIAL BASIS OF OUR BARGAIN. We will post any changes to the Terms on this website and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice. You should revisit these Terms on a regular basis. I can easily say Undertale pissed me off like no other game I ever played. I ragequit at the my 15th or something attempt at fighting Mettaton and then never looked back. The story in the first playthrough is really meh, and it does not interest me enough to go back and keep playing that bullshit.

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Dusky Seaside SparrowThe dusky seaside sparrow was a curious bird with a curiously precise habitat. It lived on the East Coast of Florida where it nested in cordgrass. Suitable cordgrass however only grew in a very specific location 10 15 feet above sea level.

“We must take a stand and address it. We must come together, condemn these actions and reinforce who we are as members of the NYPD. Wages were boosted to compensate for the loss of second jobs.”They had fewer deaths and fewer outbreaks, I think primarily because they acted so quickly and in the way they didto take over the employment of these people in long term care.

On Christmas day, I finally opened my very favorite Chanukah present (aside from the “1 Mom” keychain, of course): a copy of the 2009 Best American Comics, edited this year by Charles Burns. It’s an annual tradition in our house, this presentation of the comic collection; in return my husband gets the “Dog a Day” calendar, which he actually requests. And though all year long he brings home pictures of English Bulldogs in sunglasses or Basset Hounds on sofas, I think my gift is truly the one that keeps on giving..

I got back into them in 1988 via a newspaper I worked for in Boston, when I started covering the two most famous paleontologists of the time, Bob Bakker and Jack Horner. I followed their expeditions around Utah and Montana and was more fascinated this time with the process of digging dinosaurs than the actual dinosaurs. The excavations, the theories, and the oddball people themselves..

Well, here’s a shocker for Mr. Parker. Some of the most famous transgender people in the country are also people of color. “What a b ,” Minihane said on air. “I hate her. What a gutless b . Mallory Yu is an assistant producer. She came to NPR as an intern for the arts desk in 2012, then became a production assistant where she cut her teeth mixing arts and culture pieces. In addition to working on the show’s coverage of daily news, she’s doing her best to bring her love of nerdy pop culture to All Things Considered.

Qaragholi’s firm, Eligate Partners, bought the house in 1987 with plans to turn it into an apartment building. It never got the money for the project, however, because the Reagan era Washington real estate boom collapsed not long afterward. It’s been that kind of century for the grand old house..

However, the introduction of artificial snow and ice under controlled temperature conditions has facilitated the growth of the snow sports industry in countries that are closer to the equator as well. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

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With merely a few clicks, you can buy your favorite brands from the comfort of your home. You don have to waste time to actually shop around wander from store to store when you can simply it. You also find incredible prices online and can definitely get the best value on your purchases.

“Now is the time for enhanced cooperation and common solutions,” the European Union said in a statement, adding: “Actions that weaken international results must be avoided.”AFP NewsAfghan reporter killed as govt says ready for Taliban dialogueA roadside bomb killed a television journalist in Kabul on Saturday, soon after a top Afghan official appointed to lead peace talks with the Taliban said his team was ready for the long delayed dialogue. The blast, which targeted a minibus carrying 15 employees of private television channel Khurshid TV, was claimed by the Islamic State group, according to SITE Intelligence which monitors jihadist activity. Maesaiah Thabane is suspected of orchestrating the shooting of Lipolelo Thabane who was gunned down outside her home in the capital Maseru.

Longo and Dalle Pazze arrived and took over CPR and utilized a portable heart defibrillator, saving Perold life. David Bystrek and Piotr Bystrek received Civilian Commendations for coming to the aid of Police Officer Jim Vardanega when the officer was struggling with a man on the side of a road during an arrest. Steve Cargen was awarded a Civilian Commendation for dialing 911 to report a house fire and then forcing his way inside to make sure nobody was trapped.

An advance estimate from Statistics Canada expects a 15.6 per cent sales drop in April compared to March, though the agency suggested that figure could change.goes without saying that either figure the one for March or the one for April would be record breaking, but that back to back declines of this magnitude take us into fully uncharted waters, Derek Holt, Scotiabank head, capital markets economics, said in note to clients on Friday.Holt said Canadian retail was already in a bad place before the pandemic the barn doors off, noting the sector sales volumes haven grown since the third quarter of 2018.made a bad situation exponentially worse, he said.But it was clear from the StatsCan data on Friday that there was an obvious divide between the winners and losers of this retail reckoning, with essential businesses on one side and non essential ones on the other.The hardest hit retailers those selling clothing, shoes and luxury items such as jewelry lost half their sales or more in March compared to a year earlier. And the best off industries grocery, beer and liquor had year over year sales increases of between 20 and 30 per cent.Back to back declines of this magnitude take us into fully uncharted watersDerek Holt, ScotiabankThe one outlier was convenience stores, an essential business that had a relatively ho hum month, with a 0.6 per cent decline in year over year sales.But Alimentation Couche Tard Inc., owners of the global Circle K brand, on Friday said the decline in March was a blip.Corner stores scrambled during the last two weeks of March to adapt to an upside down world in which popping into a store for one item was essentially forbidden. People were also filling up less on gas, and therefore shopping less at stores attached to gas stations.didn get out of their home, and if they did, it was to make this big stockup at the grocery store, said St Trudel, Couche Tard senior vice president of operations for Canada.

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These Oakley sunglasses lens are high quality products, most are scratch, dirt and fog protected and are highly durable. Most offer polarized and regular high performing sunglasses lens that are excellent affordability. Some online sunglass zoom lens substitution companies offer their own high quality lens that may be fitted in lots of the custom made sunglass brands such as Ray Ban, Arnett and Oakley.

A Not So Nice OdorSometimes your home smells a little stinky. It happens to everyone! Don’t be ashamed and don’t blame yourself. Sometimes things happen that are not within our power to change. 1987 (Dr. Keith ). FBI agent carrying a box of evidene at California Investment Immigration Fund office in San Gabriel. Feds raid San Gabriel Valley locations Wednesday, April 5, 2017 over alleged scheme giving green cards to criminals on Chinese most wanted list. FBI Special Agent Cathy Kramer said one employee was on site as agents arrived at the California Investment Immigration Fund office in San Gabriel.

“I’ve got to start with big Shaq in the middle, because of that imposing figure. I put MJ, obviously, in there, but then you need versatility in a game of 3 on 3. I actually would go with a guy that’s playing now a guy named Kevin Durant. “It was the biggest juxtaposition, because I would go in to the Trevor Project and I would feel as though I was doing something of substance, and helping people and connecting with people. And then I would go to the celebrity PR firm and do the most trivial errands. I was just a cog in the wheel for something that didn’t matter..

Diane Havlir, the director of the HIV/AIDS division at the University of California, San Francisco, noticed early in the pandemic that young Latino men were arriving at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital with coronavirus symptoms more often than any other demographic. The pharmacist, 66 year old Richard Schirripa, sold more than $2,000 worth of masks to an undercover officer, and said during the transaction he felt “like a drug dealer standing out here.” Schirripa has been arrested and charged with violating the Defense Production Act by hoarding and price gouging.Yahoo NewsOne of Trump favorite pollsters shows his approval plummetingPresident Trump approval rating has plummeted since late February, according to the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, which the president frequently cited during his first three years in office. As of Wednesday, 42 percent of Americans told Rasmussen that they approved of the job Trump was doing as president, while 57 percent disapproved.

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“I had a chip shot on (No. 1) that was going to go in,” she said. “And it hit the little metal thing and bounced right out. PICKY EATERSA new study says you have a limited window to get your kids to expand their food preferences. Researchers worked with children between four and nine years old for four years. They found the best time for kids to try new foods is when they toddlers.

5. Mary Tyler Moore. Love Is All Around by Sonny Curtis. Mayfair Diagnostics is proud to partner with the Calgary Flames as their official medical imaging provider. For nearly a decade, we have been providing a variety of medical imaging services, including X ray, Ultrasound, Image Guided Pain Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, MRI and CT, to Calgary Flames players the same services and high standard of care that are also available to the public. As part of this partnership we provide onsite X ray services for every home game, which includes having a licensed and certified Medical Radiation Technologist present at each game..

Seek out professional help and guidance to act on this new found knowledge.In addition to the mental health tests listed below, we also have sexuality and relationship tests and a number of interesting personality tests that may be of interest, including tests on the Big 5 personality traits and extraversion introversion traits.Mental Health Tests Coronavirus Anxiety ScaleIs dysfunctional anxiety about the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) taking over your life? Find out today with this scientific test.The Sanity ScorePsych Central comprehensive mental health screening, consisting of 100 questions that test for a wide variety of mental health disorders and conditions. It takes most people about 15 minutes to complete this mental health test.ADHD TestsAdult ADD Screening TestFor helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with adult attention deficit disorder (ADHD/ADD).QUICK Adult ADHD Screening TestFor helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with adult attention deficit disorder (ADHD/ADD). This is a quick, 6 question quiz.Cork ADHD QuizOur newest screening test for attention deficit disorder (ADHD/ADD).

“You can expect a thorough and detailed review of the books,” he told her, frowning sternly as he looked her over from head to toe. When the interview concluded, the owners held a short conference in the hall. They promptly returned to the booth where Joe waited sipping a Coke.

Somehow it seems like the best and, simultaneously, the worst place to work on Earth. And yet, it must be doing something right. At the other end of the atrium, in a glass cabinet, sits the proof: 26 Academy Awards, five Golden Globes and three Grammys.

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Even level areas can be dangerous. Recent rains left some muddy areas along the trail. Near the end of our hike, while we were trying to avoid some mud, Linda slipped on some wet leaves and fell. As a boy, he claims that he was first bullied by a female classmate who would corner him during recess. He told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain: became terror time to me. She would trap me against the wall and make me do sums.

“This is definitely going to add to what we know about COVID and hopefully some aspects of what we learn will inform the development of vaccines,” he said. He says his communityhas also been in talks with the government for 15 years to secure reserve lands at the lake.”We always been in that area . Does it create pollutants? We don know.

Launch of the astronauts is also being seen as the restoration of American pride. In the second half of the previous century, there was an intense space race going on between the US and Russia when their successes and losses became a prestige issue. Currently, China is intensifying its space program while being stuck with the US in a trade war..

We will probably learn the full and sad story eventually. But the possibility exists that we won’t. Much of what happened to Air France 447 still remains shrouded in mystery. Elizabeth spent hours talking to Jens about how she was assaulted and her parents seemed to not care, sending her overseas to school instead. She told him about running away a couple of times and her expulsion from Wycombe Abbey. Jens, in turn, dripped venom from his voice as he told Elizabeth about his wealthy maternal grandmother who had refused to give her daughter (Jens’ mother) money to divorce his strict father; money to which he believed he and his mother were rightfully entitled a portion..

I was in Frankfurt the past week for work and had a Sunday afternoon to shoot around town for a few hours. My standard technique to to plug in into Google and/or Flickr and find some cool locations to photograph. While searching I came across a place called My Zeil.

Working on my startup, I have thought a lot about this. Would the following be useful to anyone? create a linode, AWS or DO instance. Have trusted friend config wireless router to use new instance IP for DNS. Hoglund 4 years agoGive until it hurts.27Volunteering with a CharityMounted Search and Rescue Teams by Stateby Deb Kingsbury 6 months agoSearch and Rescue on horseback: a listing of teams and posses in the United States and links to their websites or other contact information22Volunteering with a CharityBuilding a school in a third world countryby glassvisage 5 years agoThere are many issues facing schools in third world nations, including disease and teacher pay. It only costs $8,500 to build a school in a third world country. Learn more about this option and consider the reasons for helping students overseas in this way..

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Like other cases, it has called attention to police training, protocols and discipline including the controversial practice of imbuing police cadets with a readiness to kill, known as “warrior training.” Derek Chauvin, the white officer seen in the video, had 18 prior complaints filed against him, according to the Minneapolis Police Department.Yahoo NewsCan you contract coronavirus from a surface or object?While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says contaminated surfaces are not the main way the virus is transmitted, the agency hasn ruled surfaces out as a possible mode of infection. “If you want a reliable way to prevent yourself from getting the coronavirus, worry less about the surfaces you touch, and worry more about how frequently you wash your hands,” says Dr. Dara Kass, a Yahoo News Medical Contributor and associate professor of emergency medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.

There are concerns that Coakley’s 2010 loss will make donors hesitant to invest in another campaign. Coakley’s campaign reported an account balance of just under $275,000 in a filing made to the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance, the Associate Press reported. In contrast, Mr.

The 2014 Global Slavery Index, published by the Walk Free Foundation, analyzed the state of slavery, forced labor and human trafficking in 167 countries worldwide. It reported that India has the highest number of people living in modern slavery by far, with more than 14 million people. Following in second place is China (3.24 million people), then Pakistan (2.06 million people), Uzbekistan (1.2 million) and Russia (1.05 million)..

I love Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens on FX Networks hit show Justified. Olyphant has portrayed two great TV lawmen, Raylan Gives and Seth Bullock on HBO’s Deadwood. He also had a recurring role on Damages plus several memorable guest starring roles in various shows.

Fans minds were blown by their likeness and they expressed the same in the comments section of Heena Instagram posts. Ka karishma (it a miracle of nature), one user wrote. Another wrote, she is exactly like you. Cologne is a major cultural center of theRhineland and has a vibrant arts scene. Cologne is home to more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. Exhibitions range from local ancient Roman archeological sites to contemporary graphics and sculpture.

“It is unacceptable that Americans pay vastly more than people in other countries for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same place. This is wrong, this is unfair, and together we will stop it. We will stop it fast,” he said. It also silted up rivers so badly that water supplies were contaminated. Rivers near these operations became unnavigatable, innaviggable uunnnavigatab. they couldn’t get boats down them and the fish were forced to swim backward to keep the dirt out of their eyes.

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Queanbeyan player coach Aaron Gorrell was understandably disappointed with the finish, saying West Belconnen were the better side on the day “with some help”. CANBERRA RAIDERS CUP GRAND FINALS First grade: West Belconnen Warriors 26 (Tevita Aroha Tuinauvai 2, Ryan McQueen, Samuel Finnegan tries; Robert Roberts 5 goals) bt Queanbeyan Kangaroos 24 (Tre Williams, Kody Parsons, Jarred Pearce, Troy Whiley tries; Brent Crisp 4 goals). Reserve grade: Queanbeyan Blues 34 (S Camaivuna, J Lenihan, T Jamieson, I Ngata, L Ahovisi, J Stuckey tries; S Taholo 3, F Skeen 2 goals) bt Tuggeranong Bushrangers 16 (A Wilkins, J Bramley, R Sheffield tries; M O 2 goals).

The on May 1 first broke the story of Goudreau’s bizarre plan to train a volunteer army made up of a few dozen Venezuelan military deserters at clandestine camps along the border in neighboring Colombia. They planned to attack military bases and ignite a popular uprising. Goudreau’s partner, in what some opposition leaders called a suicide mission, was retired Venezuelan army Gen.

One should never underestimate how small steps and “failing forward” can lead to major institutional change within the European Union. But it’s also wise not to overstate the significance of last week’s proposal. Perhaps the Merkel/Macron proposal will prove to be a watershed moment in European integration.

537KbAbstractMathematical analysis has been undertaken for the vorticity formulation of the two dimensional Navier Stokes equation on the plane with periodic boundary conditions. This equation describes the flow of fluid near the equator of the Earth. The long time behaviour of the solution of this equation is investigated and we show that, given a sufficiently regular forcing, the solution of the equation is nearly zonal.

Shaun White is a two time Olympic gold medalist and a ten time X Games gold medalist. Born in San Diego, California in 1986, White won his first amateur snowboard competition at age seven. Since then, he has filled his trophy case with medals earned in Slopestyle and Superpipe.

Women have such a way of loving their husband and children without conditions. You don’t have to prove yourself. You are loved just because. After drilling a pump fake 3, Bird rose up for a dunk. “Oh s I got dunked on by a white man who’s at the end of his career, Williams said. A wrap now.”.

He was such a kind man. Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time. From the Wylemans FamilyPosted by Maureen weir (Friend) On Monday, October 15, 2018. Researchers are setting snares in the Hughes Meadows area north of Priest Lake this month in an ongoing effort to capture grizzly bears and fit them with radio collars. Fish and Wildlife Service had caught one bear a black bear. The 5 year old male, weighing 134 pounds, was ear tagged and released, said Wayne Wakkinen, Idaho Fish and Game Department regional wildlife manager..