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Wow, thank you for the great insight and advice. You really dug deep into some issues we all need to examine in our older hubs. I have been slowly trying to add videos as you mention, but it is a challenge at times to make sure you provide quality videos over just any youtube video.

Indoors, the kids can enjoy their own water park in Cubby’s Cove Indoor with age appropriate slides, flumes and pools. Outdoors there is also a Cubby’s Cove Outdoor. Wilderness Territory also features two indoor mini golf courses, one outdoor mini golf course, an arcade, a play park, go carts, bumpers boats, laser tag, a zip line canopy and a haunted hotel.

If Roger Goodell were a leader rather than a pandering, feckless and selectively blind monument to populist foolishness, he’d identify the team or teams that he feels practice institutionalized racism in hiring, rather than cowardly condemning all. If he finds any, fix it. No unnecessary touching and certainly less self indulgence.

Q. The only time we have had missing items, it turned out a Civil War dealer came in (to the city government center) and removed items, and he was arrested for that theft and convicted. That was about four or five years ago. Glenda G. Oakley graduated from the Army ROTC Leader Development and Assessment Course, also known as “Operation Warrior Forge,” at Fort Lewis, Tacoma, Wash. Oakley is the daughter of Mary A.

“When you’re off, you can do whatever you want to do,” Oakley said. “Danny Ainge said [he and Jordan] played golf 36 holes before a playoff game. I never thought he’d do that, but he’s incredible. Butler was smitten. After the two married, Butler put his wife in his act under the stage name “Annie Oakley.” It soon became clear that she was more talented and more of a natural star than he was. The two became star acts in Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in 1885 and bought a house in Nutley seven years later.

Two of the very few reasons I ever go camping are tube steaks and a roaring fire, preferably combined.Marta Gold March 5, 2020 Local food reviewsDining Out: Ma Chef Korean restaurant a must visit with warm hospitality, attention to detailIt’s always a reassuring sign to discover a restaurant keeps a small menu of items, and it’s an even better sign when an eatery’s chef/owner periodically leaves the kitchen to chat with guests and ensure everything is running as it should.Mariam Ibrahim February 20, 2020 Local food reviewsDining Out: June’s Delicatessen fits the bill for Edmonton’s underserved deli crowdThe great jazz savant Dave Frishberg once penned a song called Blizzard of Lies. The (pre Trump) lyrics basically recount a long list of everyday falsehoods from “service with a smile” to “your luggage is checked through” to “the cheque is in the mail” and way beyond.Alan Kellogg February 6, 2020 Local food reviewsDining Out: Taco and tequila bar El Beso presents a mixed bag on Jasper AvenueThe idea of a taco and tequila bar in Edmonton, while not new, is a welcome one in a winter city desperate for a hint of Mexican warmth, or warmth of any kind.Marta Gold January 23, 2020 Local food reviewsDining Out: Thien An dishes out fresh, delicious offeringsEdmonton loves its pho joints. It makes sense that in a city where temperatures can plummet into a deep freeze for days or weeks on end, we crave hearty and comforting bowls of soup to wash our winter blues away.

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