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Photo: Jay CronanAfter about 250 metres of this, a signposted path veers left and 70 metres later you are in a small bush clearing not as big as a tennis court and beside which, in an outcrop of lichen upholstered boulders, there’s a plaque indicating that this place is the memorial.There are just two park benches there and Thursday’s congregation (arriving in single file to the tuneful growlings Jeff Timbery’s didgeridoo) filled the clearing and then also spilled and arranged itself among the trees and the boulders.The contrast with the spaciousness and grandeur of the Australian War Memorial and its surrounds was extreme and yet the simplicity and intimacy and leafiness of the space was really rather lovely.When the one magpie there warbled and trilled and when the one raven there sighed these soloists felt like our little event’s very own magpie and raven performing just for us. The mob of kangaroos (some of its members beefy and enormous), hurtling uphill, felt like our very own mob and certainly gave us something the Dawn Service clientele had missed out on.Bemedalled Royal Australian Navy veteran (35 years) Gary Oakley, gave the Commemorative Address, giving it very informally, conversationally and engagingly. He works at the Australian War Memorial now on the history of indigenous service in the Australian Defence Force.”We [indigenous people] have been in uniform now, for, golly!, since before Federation.

Attorneys for Lewis failed in a pretrial hearing last month to keep the statement to Smith out of the trial, arguing that he gave it under threat. Bonner rejected that argument, and prosecutors took full advantage of the opportunity. They provided each juror a copy of the three page document, flashed it up on a screen and had Edmonds read aloud each question and answer..

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“There are enough beds but there is a lack of coordination with other agencies, which is why there are these reports. The present situation is that we have more than enough beds and quarantine facilities.”Khabale said that all the new facilities would be completed within the week, but he was optimistic they would not need to be used at full capacity. “We are expecting that within a day or two that the cases will begin to flatten and then begin to decrease,” he insisted, adding: “We have it under control.”However, many doctors fear that the worse is still to come.

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